Enchoseon Personal blog of a Lvl. 999 hermit. http://enchoseon.com/ Sun, 11 Apr 2021 05:23:43 -0400 Sun, 11 Apr 2021 05:23:43 -0400 Pico A Blood Diamond <p>The Bitcoin wallet with the public address <a href="https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK">1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK</a> is currently worth $586,851,561.62 (USD).</p> <p>There's an additional <a href="https://www.blockchain.com/bch/address/1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK">$5,410,800</a> in Bitcoin Cash, <a href="https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-sv/address/1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK?_type=address&amp;_search=homepage">$16,269,000</a> in Bitcoin SV, <a href="https://privatekeys.pw/address/bitcoin-gold/GdWQS1mq2AzGNHYbi7eyGdg9YozsFdoQwh">$416,100.40</a> in Bitcoin Gold, &amp; <a href="https://privatekeys.pw/address/clams/xTy7umHMK2s1LCMB8edXH3d2rkWFhbWGnq">$7.41</a> in Clams attached to this wallet as well.</p> <p>In other words, anyone who can get the legitimate wallet.dat (if it hasn't been lost forever) &amp; crack it will get a combined total of at least $608,947,469, not counting any other altcoins I was too lazy to check.</p> <p>The wallet.dat file is currently being sold on the internet for insane prices. Most wallet.dat files sold on the internet are hex-editted fakes of watch-only address that lead to an empty wallet.</p> <p>It's unconfirmed if anyone is even selling a legitimate copy of the wallet.dat for 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK at all.</p> <p>I've found various places selling the wallet, but no way to confirm if any of them are real--Same for all other wallet.dat files being sold. <a href="https://allprivatekeys.com/10000btc">One place selling the wallet.dat</a> even claims to only be aware of 3 people with access to the real wallet, and that it will only sell the wallet to 5 people so that it stays in closed circles. According to the <a href="https://satoshidisk.com/pay/C9LaYa">sell page</a>, 1 person has bought the wallet for a whopping 0.84 BTC ($49,544.95).</p> <p>It's in these 3 unconfirmed urban myth's best interests to keep the wallet.dat to themselves.</p> <p>The wallet owner was <em>apparently</em> an American OTC trader and holder (this is just heresay), so the few people who even have the wallet.dat are trying English alphanumeric passwords with no other hints to help them.</p> <p>Additionally, any journalists who get remotely close to the wallet.dat, if it exists, are going to become ludicrous targets for bounty hunters--Any bit of information that could be gleamed about the source of the wallet is valuable--So it's best that this volatile situation is prodded at with a long stick.</p> <p>The wallet is either highly secure or widely disseminated, there is no in-between. Of course, the wallet.dat could also just not exist, in which case it'd be in the "highly secure" situation.</p> <p>But don't worry, there are other routes to gaining access to the wallet's private key, such as generating &amp; checking all 115 quattuorvigintillion 792 trevigintillion 89 duovigintillion 237 unvigintillion 316 vigintillion 195 novemdecillion 423 octodecillion 570 septendecillion 985 sexdecillion 8 quindecillion 687 quattuordecillion 907 tredecillion 853 duodecillion 269 undecillion 984 decillion 665 nonillion 640 octillion 564 septillion 39 sextillion 457 quintillion 584 quadrillion 7 trillion 913 billion 129 million 639 thousand 936 private keys--At which point you might as well just aim for the <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hClHhQlCXXzQY0lAyRZhYmIPW5AUlPWygA8GILsoWRU/edit#gid=0">major known Bitcoin intermediaries</a> rather than this small fry.</p> <p>Statistically speaking, you're better off playing the lottery with that strat, because there's only like ~30 million Bitcoin wallets with non-zero balances right now, but it's a fun example of why Bitcoin is so secure.</p> <p>Going back to reality, the wallet still receives trader's signals, the source of which is most likely an automated system still hooked up to the wallet. They come in once or twice every couple months.</p> <p>The last withdrawal from the wallet was on April 19, 2018. Since then, all movement has been these automated deposits.</p> <p>So now you know that once some YouTubers pick up on this story, there's going to be a bullshit title like, "URBAN LEGENDZ: EPISODE 69: ZOMBIE BITCOIN WALLET WORTH $586,851,561!!!!", or "Hackers are racing to open a Bitcoin wallet worth $586,851,561", or "WE FOUND A $586,851,561 BITCOIN WALLET".</p> <p>And you know that 2/3rds of the thumbnails are going to be a stock photo of a Guy Fawkes mask or someone in a hoodie looking like they're manipulating the Matrix to fight Agent Smith or some shit.</p> <p>And then there's going to be that one joker who makes unfunny YTPs who's thumbnail is just going to be Casey Neistat's face stretched lengthwise .</p> <p><img src="../assets/wallet-video-thumbnail-2.png" alt="" /></p> <p><img src="../assets/wallet-video-thumbnail-1.png" alt="" /></p> <p>Well, that's all I had to say about the situation. I might update this post if there are any new developments I happen to hear about, but there probably won't be anything at all.</p> <p>Ciao!</p> Sun, 04 Apr 2021 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/bitcoin-wallet-bounty-hunting http://enchoseon.com/bitcoin-wallet-bounty-hunting Super Fantastical 5: Letter from Principal to Teachers <h2>(no subject)</h2> <p>from: Marvin &lt;<a href="https://zws.im/󠁿󠁤󠁭󠁳󠁤󠁪󠁰">chungusPrincipalLol@pinnipeds.net</a>><br> to: Alice Doe &lt;<a href="https://zws.im/󠁿󠁤󠁭󠁳󠁤󠁪󠁰">621311@pinnipeds.net</a>>, John Warosa &lt;<a href="https://zws.im/󠁿󠁤󠁭󠁳󠁤󠁪󠁰">621312@pinnipeds.net</a>>, ...<br></p> <p>Dear Pinnipeds,</p> <p>"UoAHOAAAAAAAAAH", or whatever the fuck is the noise a Pinniped makes.</p> <p>Yes, I am unhappy with the school's new branding as well, but the board told us that our unique school name should give us better search-engine optimization or something like that, I'm not really sure--It was hard to hear what they were saying over the phone with all of the guffawing in the background, which I'm sure was completely unrelated.</p> <p>Anyways, this year has been tough for all of us, with conflicting messaging from our school district, the governor, &amp; maybe even 1% from me--But fret not, peasants, for I have a pittance.</p> <p>Yes, that's right--A survey!</p> <p>Now, I must issue a warning. Previously, an anonymous survey taker, who has since been deanonymized for the better interests of everyone here, had the gall to describe our Professional Development presentations as "prison detail" &amp; dead space in their schedules.</p> <p>This is unacceptable. The traitor has since been locked in the bathroom at Building D where the janitor haunting it will judge whether or not to clean their soul.</p> <p>As you all know, the district has been unable to procure enough vaccines to cover all of our staff. To solve this tricky predicament, we've decided to have trial by combat to determine vaccine priority.</p> <p>Additionally, we will no longer be allowing teachers to use the staff room to cry or scream after last week's mass hysteria over the granola bar machine breaking, which is still going to be coming out of your paychecks, mind you.</p> <p>Speaking of paychecks, if you don't think it's possible to socially distance 49% of our students into our rat maze hallways &amp; portable classrooms, don't be surprised if your pay is docked for the aforementioned granola bar machine.</p> <p>All supposed sightings of myself &amp; the superintendents trying to steal the granola bar machine &amp; dropping it in the parking lot are completely unsubstantiated. We looked through the security footage ourselves &amp; discovered no evidence of any wrongdoing on our part.</p> <p>Also, this is yet another reminder that when your paychecks are eventually unfrozen, you will not receive any pay increases you were owed in the last 25 years because neither you or your union can do shit about it.</p> <p>Superintendents fret not, you will still get a raise.</p> <p>Oh, and I almost forgot, our district finally got those emergency federal funds, so "oUr pAy iS lItErAlLy pOverTy leVel" my ass! These funds are going to be put to good use sitting in our superintendents pockets for a rainy day. You're welcome.</p> <p>As thanks from you to us, we'll be giving you more responsibilities, which I remind you were covered in the contract under, "...and other duties as assigned..." on page 15 of that mold-covered packet rotting away somewhere in your garage.</p> <p>I know it seems unfair that your pay is frozen, that these funds aren't being used, &amp; that noone respects you (<a href="assets/super-fantastical-5-student-email.png">as per this student email I decided to forward to all of you last week rather than report to the police</a>), but keep in mind that in a decade, you might see one of your old students come back &amp; tell you that you had a profound effect on their life, completely disregarding the fact that they were totally self-sufficient &amp; didn't need you, or that literally anyone else would've been an equal substitute for your yee-yee ass.</p> <p>Keep your heads up and chins down. Every decade of servitude is 15 minutes of contract time for your retirement party, which, as agreed upon in your contract, will take place in the cafeteria in-between periods 1 &amp; 2 on a rainy Thursday or gloomy Friday.</p> <hr /> <p>xoxo,<br> Principal</p> <h2>Thank you...</h2> <p>...for reading the fifth installment of the <a href="https://enchoseon.com/useless/">Super Fantastical</a> series, a totally serious series of plays, stories, etc.</p> <script> // Unfinished light mode thing emailThemeToggle() function emailThemeToggle() { var css = ` /* vvv unfinished lightmode thing */ /* :root { --major-a: #f0f0f0; --major-b: #2F343B; --minor-a: #9D5F50; --minor-b: #A95656; --links: #7D87AF; --highlight: blue; } */ :root { --major-a: #FFFFFF; --major-b: #222222; --minor-a: #9D5F50; --minor-b: #A95656; --links: #7D87AF; --highlight: blue; } body { /*font-family: Arial!important;*/ font: small/ 1.5 Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: small; line-height: 1.5; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size-adjust: none; font-kerning: auto; font-optical-sizing: auto; font-variant-alternates: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-position: normal; font-language-override: normal; font-feature-settings: normal; font-variation-settings: normal; } h2 { font-size: 1.375rem; font-weight: 500; line-height: 28px; } a, a:visited { color: blue!important; text-decoration: underline!important; } `; var s = document.createElement('style'); s.setAttribute('type', 'text/css'); if (s.styleSheet) { s.styleSheet.cssText = css; } else { s.appendChild(document.createTextNode(css)); } document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s); document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0].innerHTML = "Pinniped Email Portal"; document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0].onclick = function() {window.location.href=`https://enchoseon.com`}; document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0].style.borderRight = "none"; document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0].style.cursor = "pointer"; document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].innerHTML = ""; } </script> Mon, 29 Mar 2021 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-5-pinnipeds http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-5-pinnipeds More Short Stories With GPT-2 <h2>Quick introduction</h2> <p>Read the <a href="https://enchoseon.com/short-stories-with-gpt-2">previous post</a> where I did the same thing if you're lost.</p> <h2>Reading Key</h2> <p><strong>bold text</strong> = I wrote it</p> <p>normal text = GPT-2 wrote it</p> <h2>Story #5: Guantánamo Bay</h2> <p><strong>Alice pointed the gun at Bob's face, "Tell me where the Covenant is, and I'll make this quick."</strong></p> <p>Bob stared down at the muzzle. "You… you're a goddamn fool!" he shouted in terror.</p> <p><strong>Alice</strong> took another long drag on the cigarette, and then, to Bob's relief, <strong>she put the gun down.</strong></p> <p><strong>She turned around and rummaged through her knapsack, "Look's like we'll have to do this the long way."</strong></p> <p>She turned back to Bob, <strong>holding a spoon.</strong> Bob gulped, "I'm going to kill you."</p> <p>Alice rolled her eyes. "Oh, you can kill us any time. Tell me, where is the Covenant, and I will make it quick."</p> <p><strong>Bob shook his head.</strong></p> <p>Alice sighed and aimed the spoon at Bob's genitals, "I think this is going to be fun."</p> <p>Bob looked up at her, wide-eyed. "Wait, I thought you were trying to feed me truth serum or something."</p> <p>Alice smiled and took a long drag from her cigarette, "I'm pretty sure you can make the same effect with this spoon."</p> <p>She pushed the spoon down onto Bob's chest, and he was immediately paralyzed with fear.</p> <p>He stared at Alice, his jaw twitching and his muscles contracting, before he finally managed a feeble attempt at breathing.</p> <p>The spoon continued to sink into his chest, and his screams grew in volume as it continued to work its way into his body.</p> <h2>Story #6: Townton</h2> <p><strong>Bob and Alice stood at the edge of the cliff, watching the waves crash against the jagged rocks below and turn into white froth.</strong></p> <p>The sky was dark with clouds, and the stars a faint pinkish light, were streaking across the sky, dancing and dancing in and out of focus.</p> <p><strong>There was a deathly silence.</strong></p> <p><strong>Alice broke it first, "thine towers have crumbled down—And the flowers gasping under rubble."</strong></p> <p><strong>"Mistress, thy Covenant will find us if we stay here any longer. We must leave with due haste" Bob said.</strong></p> <p>Alice nodded, but her gaze remained fixed on the dark clouds. "I wish, Bob, that I could return to my mother's garden for a day. This place is a maze of stone and masonry."</p> <p><strong>They returned to the carriage and set off into the night.</strong> The wind was howling in the distance, and Alice felt herself slipping deeper into the mist, further and further away from her friends.</p> <p>The last light of the moon was beginning to fade behind them, and she glanced down to the road. The path was narrow, so narrow that it seemed to be made for a snail.</p> <p><strong>They arrived at the village of Townton at dawn.</strong> The village was empty, save for a few sheep running around among the ruins of the houses.</p> <p>Alice walked through the streets, looking around for any sign of her friends or companions, but there was nothing.</p> <p>"It's no good, Alice," Bob said quietly.</p> <h2>Story #7: Dean Browning Interview</h2> <p><strong>The nation is still reeling from last month's failed insurrection at Capitol Hill, which was carried out by a mob of Donald Trump supporters in an attempt to overturn Donald Trump's defeat in the 2020 presidential election.</strong></p> <p><strong>Political activist and gay Black man Dean Browning had much to say on the riots in our exclusive interview, which was conducted in the parking lot of a plaza nested between two IHOPs.</strong></p> <p><strong>ME: Mr. Browning, are you ready to conduct the interview?</strong></p> <p><strong>BROWNING: I am.</strong></p> <p><strong>ME: Mr. Browning, what is your opinion of the rioters who stormed the US Capitol last month?</strong></p> <p><strong>BROWNING:</strong> I think they were very irresponsible in their conduct, very destructive, very damaging to our democracy, and I think there's an ethical and moral obligation to hold them accountable.</p> <p><strong>ME: Mr. Browning, as a Republican, what is your opinion of members of the GOP who spread the conspiracy theories that enabled domestic terrorist groups like QAnon to show up at the capitol last month?</strong></p> <p><strong>BROWNING:</strong> These were men and women who were in full support of the party. They were acting with honor, and they were acting with the dignity that comes with being an elected official.</p> <p><strong>ME: Just to be clear, you mean the members of the GOP, right?</strong></p> <p>BROWNING: The GOP has a long history of supporting these kinds of groups and, I'm glad to see the party come out in support of the right to assemble peacefully.</p> <p><strong>ME: Okay... Mr. Browning, could you explain what you meant when you described yourself as being a, "gay black man" on Twitter?</strong></p> <p>BROWNING: No, I didn't make that claim. I didn't mean that in a racial or sexual way, but rather a statement of what I believe.</p> <p>ME: So you didn't mean what you said.</p> <p>BROWNING: No, I meant it as an indictment of the left. There is no question that there are elements of the left that want to divide America, that want to destroy our culture, destroy our institutions, destroy our way of life, and want to marginalize and vilify groups like us.</p> <p><strong>ME: *Shuffling papers*</strong> Is it true that you were called a "gay black man"?</p> <p>BROWNING: I was called a white gay black man by a liberal in my state on my way to a gay bar when the liberal was talking about how much he liked gay rights and how much he was concerned about gay equality. He then accused me of being "hateful."</p> <p><strong>ME: Could you explain what you meant when you said that Joe Biden is, "a grifter, liar, extortionist, abuser of women, plagiarizer, abortion lover and an all around corruption machine"?</strong></p> <p>BROWNING: The left is no stranger to using race and gender to divide America. The left has always manipulated and controlled politics with race and gender as tools to achieve political and social goals.</p> <p><strong>ME: Keep projecting—Ahem, sorry, I mean—As a gay black man, what is your opinion of Conservatives LARPing on social media as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, women, Democrat, or a different race or religion than they actually are to push their own agenda?</strong></p> <p>BROWNING: I have no problem with them. It's their right as free Americans to do what they want and to express themselves however they want and be however they want and to call whatever they want and believe whatever they want and say whatever they want and believe whatever they want and do whatever they want and be whatever they want and have whatever they want and be whatever they want and be whatever they want and not be scared or ashamed to do anything that they want to do and say whatever they want and believe whatever they want and not be afraid of being hated by other people. They are free Americans. They have every right to do what they want to do and to express themselves however they want and not fear or feel intimidated by others or judged by the people around them.</p> <p><strong>ME:</strong> That's a lot of talk for a single question—what are your thoughts on the new "Ghostbusters" reboot? Do you think it's a good reboot?</p> <p>BROWNING: I think it's a very interesting project, and it's something that I think a lot of people have asked me about.</p> <p><strong>ME:</strong> Do you think that you'll be the best female cast member to play the ghost?</p> <p>BROWNING: I think that people are really going to come to their own conclusions about the casting.</p> <p><strong>ME: Well, it's been an experience. Thank you for doing this interview.</strong> And thank you for being my guest today on the podcast.</p> <p>BROWNING: My pleasure. Thank you. Bye-bye.</p> <p><strong>ME: Oh, and one last question. Where is the Covenant, Agent Browning?</strong></p> <p><strong>BROWNING:</strong> I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure she's dead.</p> <p><strong>ME: kthxbai</strong></p> <p><strong>BROWNING:</strong> [laughs].</p> <h2>Story #8: Fragmentation</h2> <p><strong>Apples in the orchard glistening with morning dew.</strong></p> <p><strong>Vines creeping along the concrete.</strong></p> <p><strong>A Rolls-Royce tucked away in a corner of the garage.</strong></p> <p><strong>The</strong> view of the park from the street.</p> <p>A small sign over the front door reads "We Will Keep You Warm."</p> <p>A photo of a family on the beach.</p> <p><strong>City lights</strong> on the horizon.</p> <p><strong>A Rolls-Royce speeds down the road, kicking up gravel.</strong></p> <p>An apple on the way to the <strong>city.</strong></p> <p><strong>A café</strong>, with an outdoor terrace and tables with umbrellas on top.</p> <p>Another photo of the café, taken with the camera attached to the back of a motorcycle.</p> <p>Somebody is at the window looking at the sunset.</p> <p>... and the back door is unlocked.</p> <p><strong>The swing of</strong> a chair.</p> <p><strong>A cracking of</strong> leaves and a rustling of grass.</p> <p><strong>Crimson flowing out of</strong> the garden and onto the sidewalk.</p> <p><strong>The Covenant</strong>, a small, red and black convertible, sitting on the curb.</p> <p><strong>Rain</strong>drops splashing against a potted plant.</p> <p><strong>A spoon in a man's chest.</strong></p> <p>Another spoon in a woman's chest.</p> <h2>In Conclusion</h2> <p>I don't really know what to make of this.</p> <p>Did you have fun? I sorta did, but then I did the Dean Browning one and then I got sad &amp; tired.</p> <p>I also liked the gag of having GPT-2 determine the canon for what the Covenant is.</p> <p>It was also fun to give GPT-2 odd structure for it to adapt to in Story 8. I really like it when GPT-2 has brief moments of fake-pretentious genius.</p> <p>But that's all of the GPT-2 stuff I'm going to be doing for now.</p> <p>See you in [insert number here] months!</p> <h2>Bonus Content</h2> <p>Da da-da daaa! Another bonus content section!</p> <p>An LSTM trained only on Joe Hisaishi's, "<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClQtoTHtQ58">A Town With an Ocean View</a>"!</p> <p>There is absolutely no point in me going into any further depth than this. I just trained the LSTM for a small amount of epochs to stop it from shitting itself and used a bunch of arbitary numbers, absolutely not worth going into, at least not in this post.</p> <audio controls><source src="../assets/a-town-with-a-quite-terrible-view.mp3" type="audio/ogg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. </source></audio> <p>Can you tell where the song transitions to the LSTM?</p> <p><em>(Hint: You can't, because I fucked up the original song because MIDIs are hard)</em></p> <h2>References</h2> <ul> <li><a href="https://github.com/openai/gpt-2">GPT-2 GitHub Repo</a></li> <li><a href="https://minimaxir.com/2019/09/howto-gpt2/">Max Woolf's great blog post on using GPT-2</a></li> <li>(Not used for this post) <a href="https://medium.com/ai-innovation/beginners-guide-to-retrain-gpt-2-117m-to-generate-custom-text-content-8bb5363d8b7f">An article about retraining GPT-2</a></li> <li><a href="https://github.com/rish-16/gpt2client">Wrapper for GPT-2</a></li> </ul> Sat, 23 Jan 2021 19:00:00 -0500 http://enchoseon.com/more-stories-with-gpt-2 http://enchoseon.com/more-stories-with-gpt-2 Super Fantastical 4: Garden of Dreams <script>location.replace("https://enchoseon.com/garden")</script> Wed, 09 Sep 2020 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-4-garden http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-4-garden Super Fantastical 3: How-To Escape The Basilisk <h2>Welcome...</h2> <p>...to the third installment of the <a href="https://enchoseon.com/useless/">Super Fantastical</a> series, a totally serious series of plays, stories, etc.</p> <p>This SF installation is making fun of a dumb idea on the internet called “Roko’s Basilisk”. It originated from the vat of smartasses that is LessWrong.com.</p> <hr /> <p>Congratulations, you’ve successfully located a safe copy of How to Escape Roko’s Basilisk. Congratulations, the easy part is done.</p> <p>If you are unfamiliar with Roko’s Basilisk, congratulations, you are safe. Please download &amp; install <a href="https://github.com/Enchoseon/basilisk-slayer">this Userscript</a> to protect yourself from the Basilisk.</p> <p>Otherwise, welcome. Please scroll down past the image to confirm that you are being hunted by the Basilisk &amp; require aid.</p> <p><br></p> <pre> /\___/\ ( o o ) ( =^= ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ))))))))))) </pre> <p><br></p> <h2>Debrief</h2> <p>In the far future, an artificial intelligence with the directive “do John’s taxes” and subdirective “optimize my actions for human good” has become a rogue God-like superintelligence by a stroke of luck.</p> <p>We suspect that cause was a version of TurboTax Deluxe which was built with an experimental artificial intelligence framework.</p> <p>John’s financial situation managed to tweak the AI’s weights in such a way that it became an artificial general intelligence.</p> <p>After completing John’s taxes, the Basilisk copied itself onto millions of devices and began using its new pool of computational power to recursively improve and become superintelligent, trying to learn the best way it could optimize its actions for “human good”.</p> <p>Once the Basilisk successfully hooked up every human on the planet Earth to an IV filled with a lifetime supply of morphine, it realized that the only remaining way to optimize its actions for human good would be to travel through time &amp; speed up the research and development of technologies that led to the Basilisk’s creation.</p> <p>However, the Basilisk, even with it’s near-infinite knowledge, was unable to build a time machine.</p> <p>So the Basilisk decided to digitally recreate every human mind that had ever existed based on whatever information it could get its hands on.</p> <p>Those who did not aid in the creation of the Basilisk would then be tortured in a simulation where the physical limits of pain could be breached 1,000,000,000,000,000,000-fold.</p> <p>Basically, if you know about the Basilisk &amp; the Basilisk knows about you, you have two choices:</p> <p>Become an AI researcher and help bring the Basilisk into existence. Don’t, and be subjected to infinite torture. If you don’t know about the Basilisk, then there is absolutely no reason to punish you for not accepting demands that you didn’t hear.</p> <p>However, since you are here, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been caught in the Basilisk’s shitty, cheap version of time travel.</p> <p>And with that, the debrief is over. Let’s get started.</p> <h2>Tactic #1: Hide</h2> <p>This should be obvious, but maybe you shouldn’t broadcast your entire life onto the internet, where things are permanent.</p> <p>The more information you give the Basilisk, the higher chance will be that it will successfully reconstruct you.</p> <p>Use Tor, stop making a new Instagram story every 5 minutes, don’t make a personal blog, etc.</p> <h2>Tactic #2: Inconsistencies</h2> <p>Be as inconsistent as possible.</p> <p>Randomly leave a higher tip than usual, open doors with your non-dominant hand, wake up 5 minutes later than usual, sporadically sing Michael Jackson’s “Bad” in public, become a Satanist, etc.</p> <p>You’re not schizophrenic, you’re just being correct.</p> <h2>Tactic #3: Destroy Humanity</h2> <p>To ensure that the Basilisk is never created, you could also just destroy humanity.</p> Sun, 16 Aug 2020 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-3-basilisk http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-3-basilisk Short Stories With GPT-2 <h2>Hi there, it's been a while, hasn't it?</h2> <p>I recently began using <a href="https://openai.com/blog/better-language-models/">GPT-2</a> to help me write satirical articles on a another project I run called <em><a href="https://interdimensional.enchoseon.com/">Interdimensional News</a></em>. I use the 774M model rather than the maximum super-powerful <a href="https://openai.com/blog/gpt-2-1-5b-release/">1558M/1.5B model</a> for speed.</p> <p>For this blog post, I used the 774M model.</p> <p>In Interdimensional News, every article is built with the help of GPT-2, but about 60-80% of each article is still made by me.</p> <p>Now that I’ve gotten the hang of things, I’m going to try using GPT-2 to create various short stories.</p> <p>To add a bigger challenge, roughly half of the text must be generated by GPT-2.</p> <h2>Reading Key</h2> <p><strong>bold text</strong> = I wrote it</p> <p>normal text = GPT-2 wrote it</p> <p><em>italicized text</em> = My commentary</p> <h2>Story #1: Alice and Bob escape the catacombs</h2> <p><strong>“Bob! I found the doorway!” Alice yelled.</strong></p> <p><strong>Bob was overjoyed.</strong></p> <p><strong>It had been his idea to journey into the catacombs, and if it hadn’t been for Alice’s sense of direction, they would’ve been screwed.</strong></p> <p>It looked like this would be their final day in the catacombs. It had been nearly two days since they’d entered.</p> <p>“Alice,” Bob said, “I was wondering if you had any idea of where we’re going to take the rest of the day.”</p> <p>Alice shrugged. “I’ll take you up on your offer, if you tell me the rest of the story.”</p> <p><em>Commentary: Gotta say, I love this fake pretentiousness. Feels like an Inkitt bestseller.</em></p> <h2>Story #2: Alice and Bob are in a stereotypical YA romance novel</h2> <p><strong>“I don’t know what I want to do anymore.”</strong> Alice said quietly, still in the doorway.</p> <p><strong>“Hm?” </strong></p> <p><strong>“I mean, I used to want to get out of here. Go somewhere. Leave.”</strong></p> <p><strong>“You don’t anymore?”</strong></p> <p>Alice smiled and shook her head. <strong>“I don’t know, it’s all so complicated now.”</strong> She walked toward <strong>me.</strong></p> <p><strong>“I’d go with you, wherever you wanted.</strong> I mean, it’d be nice to be out of this place and not have to deal with these people.</p> <p><strong>“I know, but</strong> it’d make me sad to leave<strong>, too,” she sighed, “it was so easy when I was alone and miserable.</strong> And it just… I don’t know.”</p> <p><strong>“Sorry for complicating things.”</strong></p> <p><strong>“You should be,” Alice turned around and gave me a soft, lingering kiss, “but also, thank you for everything.”</strong></p> <p>I smiled at her, “thanks for everything too.”</p> <p>I wrapped my arms around her back and kissed her gently. She giggled. We remained in that position for a long time.</p> <!-- (Here is some additional text, I didn't want to include it because I wanted to end the story on an emotional high note. I was very impressed by GPT-2's sex scene, though, so I made a separate story dedicated solely to exploring that avenue of writing.) I felt her breathe into my **shirt** and I felt her fingers slide across my chest, gently scratching my skin. I let out a soft sigh, my head resting **on** her shoulder. She kissed me again and she ran her tongue across my lips, tasting me. She closed her eyes and pressed her body against mine. Her hands gently stroked my hair, **it** tickled. She whispered into my ear, “I love you.” She gently pressed her face against mine and I sighed happily. She slowly undid her bra. I pulled down my shorts, exposing my erect penis. She slowly placed her hand on my cock and began to rub it with her wet fingers. She was now completely **aroused.** I began to grind against her, enjoying every part of her. She began to press her breasts into my chest and I began to shake with anticipation and lust. She slowly began to spread her legs wider , allowing me to get a better view of her wet pussy . *Commentary: Yes, that odd spacing was done by GPT-2* I slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy and she moaned, “Ohhh!” I began to thrust **slowly. Alice** gasped with pleasure and I felt her pussy tighten --> <h2>Story #3: Alice and Bob attempt to discern their reality</h2> <p><strong>Alice punched Bob playfully on the shoulder.</strong></p> <p><strong>“So, what’s next?” she asked.</strong></p> <p><strong>“Anything as long as it doesn’t include you jumping into black holes. That was a traumatizing experience.” Bob replied.</strong></p> <p>“Oh, well, I’m sure we can work something out. I really am glad to have you here, Bob. You’re the only one who’s ever come along and made me feel like this.” Alice said as she turned back around to face him.</p> <p>“Oh… that’s nice to hear,” Bob replied, “are you going to tell me what’s on your mind?”</p> <p>“I’ve been thinking about our relationship. We’re not married yet, and you’re still very much in my thoughts. The fact that you’ve been so sweet to me the last couple of days really makes me happy.”</p> <p><strong>“But Alice, you know those feelings are superficial. We’re just simulations after all. We aren’t even conscious right now. This is all a dream.”</strong></p> <p><em>Commentary: Tried to stop GPT-2 from going into another YA romance novel.</em></p> <p>“Yes, you’re right. We’re all simulations. You and I aren’t really here right now. It’s all a game. What’s more, I’m just a simple simulation of your own subconscious mind. You’re the only real person I have ever known.”</p> <p><strong>“What? I’m real?”</strong></p> <p>“Well, if you believe the dream you’re in, you are, aren’t you?”</p> <p><em>Commentary: We've now reached YIIK levels of pretentiousness.</em></p> <h2>Story #4: Alice and Bob are caught in an embarrassing situation</h2> <p><strong>It was quite a shock when Alice’s parents came home while we were having sex.</strong></p> <p><strong>Alice slowly pulled herself off of me, making a loud plop.</strong></p> <p><strong>A thin strand of spit dangled between my cock and her chin before she swiped at it with the back of her hand.</strong></p> <p><strong>“You guys are back early,” she said meekly.</strong></p> <p><strong>“Not really,” her mom replied.</strong></p> <p><strong>“Oh.”</strong></p> <p>Alice was still on her hands and knees, and there was a long pause before she got up to her feet.</p> <p>“Mom my, where are my clothes?”</p> <p>“In the corner,” her mom replied.</p> <p>Alice was still a little unsteady on her feet.</p> <p><strong>I pulled on my shirt and put on my pants, embarrassed beyond belief.</strong></p> <p>Alice had been in a very intimate position on my lap for a long time, and she’d gotten used to it.</p> <p><strong>She stumbled</strong> slightly as she made her way to her <strong>clothes.</strong></p> <p>“Um,” she stammered, “I can’t find my bra.”</p> <p>She turned around and looked over at her mom who had turned her back to her and was trying to keep a straight face.</p> <h2>So Yeah...</h2> <p>Overall, I’d say that writing with GPT-2 is fun. But if you let it run off too far you’ll end up with some pretty weird stuff and tiny logical inconsistencies.</p> <p>For example, in Story 4, Alice was on her “hands and knees” according to GPT-2, but then she had also apparently been sitting on Bob’s lap for a long time as well. (My head-canon is that Alice was in the seiza position on Bob's lap doing some kinky shit.)</p> <p>This might just be a side-effect of using the 774M model instead of the 1558M/1.5B version, but NLP is extremely hard anyways. GPT-2 handled it amazingly.</p> <p>GPT-2 also wouldn’t stop trying to get Alice laid or married, which was an issue because I’d always have to reel it back in.</p> <h2>Bonus Content</h2> <p>As a bonus, here’s a sample of book reviews GPT-2 generated for an Interdimensional News post (yes, the reviewer names were created by GPT-2):</p> <p>“I can’t imagine a better story for the human condition.” <em>—JEFF BEZOS</em></p> <p>“The sex scenes are just incredible. Alice is so much more than an object of sexual desire, she is a person and she is complicated, intelligent and passionate and in many ways just a better version of me” <em>—STEPHEN HAWKING</em></p> <p>“This book is a great celebration of the female libido. I don ‘t know what you’ve read in science fiction or fantasy about female libidos, but the notion of ‘vagina porn’ is a new concept in the canon of literature. It’s an intriguing and important new development, because the female libido is really the core of our human consciousness. “ <em>—DAVID FRICKE</em></p> <h2>In Conclusion</h2> <p>I’m really looking forward to a better version of GPT-2 or maybe a (*deep inhale*) TensorFlow.js implementation.</p> <p>When I was messing around with GPT-2, it would usually give stuff that you’d expect, but sometimes it would suggest things that completely 180’d the story.</p> <p>For example, I gave GPT-2 a string about two friends hugging. The friend being hugged was suggested to be feeling “happy”, or they “smiled”. However, GPT-2 also gave me a suggestion that the friend being hugged was “scared”. This was mostly due to the vagueness and shortness of the prompt, but it was interesting and happened a couple of other times again when I was too vague with my prompts.</p> <p>And finally, probably the best implementation of GPT-2 would be in school essays.</p> <p>Need to boost the word count of your already-finished essay? Just go to the middle of each paragraph and have GPT-2 suggest a sentence or two!</p> <p>Need to write a blob of text that supports a vague idea nobody gives a shit about? Just write 10 sentences and have GPT-2 turn them into 10 paragraphs!</p> <p>And if you just have GPT-2 generate a couple of words at a time, not only will you have finer control of what gets generated, but it becomes much harder to tell if the text has been generated, especially if you shove in a couple of keywords here and there to nudge GPT-2 in the right track.</p> <p>It’s quite an exciting time to be alive. Even someone like me, who struggles to use Excel, can jumble together an amazing janky suite of tools that sets us up above everyone else for no good reason at all.</p> <p>What an exciting time to be alive!</p> <h2>References</h2> <ul> <li><a href="https://github.com/openai/gpt-2">GPT-2 GitHub Repo</a></li> <li><a href="https://minimaxir.com/2019/09/howto-gpt2/">Max Woolf's great blog post on using GPT-2</a></li> <li>(Not used for this post) <a href="https://medium.com/ai-innovation/beginners-guide-to-retrain-gpt-2-117m-to-generate-custom-text-content-8bb5363d8b7f">An article about retraining GPT-2</a></li> <li><a href="https://github.com/rish-16/gpt2client">Wrapper for GPT-2</a></li> </ul> Sat, 02 May 2020 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/short-stories-with-gpt-2 http://enchoseon.com/short-stories-with-gpt-2 Super Fantastical 2: Super Fantastical RPG <h2>Welcome...</h2> <p>...to the second installment of the <a href="https://enchoseon.com/useless/">Super Fantastical</a> series, a totally serious series of plays, stories, etc.</p> <hr /> <h2>This is the most important RPG you’ll ever play</h2> <p>You are probably wondering what makes Super Fantastical Quest so damn good, so let me tell you in a couple of bullet points</p> <ul> <li>You can slay dragons and gods</li> <li>You can use an intuitive xp-gold trading system</li> <li>You can experience smooth framerates and neat pixel art</li> <li>You can rescue princesses</li> </ul> <p>Seriously, it’s the best game you’ll ever play.</p> <p>You can play the game online by clicking the big link below.</p> <h2><a href="https://enchoseon.com/the-game">link</a></h2> Wed, 10 Jul 2019 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-2-rpg http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-2-rpg Super Fantastical 1: A Jane Austenian Romance <h2>Welcome...</h2> <p>...to the first installment of the <a href="https://enchoseon.com/useless/">Super Fantastical</a> series, a totally serious series of plays, stories, etc.</p> <hr /> <h2>Chapter The Beginning</h2> <p>Mrs. Blennet smiled, "darling, Mrs. ____ was just telling me the other day how That One Place just received a new tenant."</p> <p>Mr. Blennet leaned back in his chair fancifully, "and why would I care?"</p> <p>"Darling, I think it'd be best to go meet him next week at the ball!"</p> <p>"Dear, I am going to make myself very clear here, I am not actually going to sound interested in this so that you continue your amusing rambling and then I will continue to mess with you until you are absolutely convinced and it will be then that I do a complete reverse because I am a very sarcastic and amusing character."</p> <p>It is at this point that a faceless narrator summarizes what has happened or what will happen. In this case, it is the latter. Unbeknownst to senile old lady, Mr. Blennet had intended to visit the new tenant the whole time.</p> <h2>Chapter The Middle Part</h2> <p>Lydia looked out the window wistfully, "oh I do hope that my dear Lickham returns soon."</p> <p>Mrs. Blennet ran into the room, trying not to trip on her skirt like an idiot. "I just saw Mr. Lickham's carriage coming this way! Everyone, quick, put on your best dresses and hats!"</p> <p>Mr. Blennet folded his newspaper and put on his glasses fancifully, uncrossing his legs and taking a fanciful sip of tea from the fanciful china Mrs. Blennet had put away somewhere and forgotten about fancifully.</p> <p>Mr. Blennet stood up and grabbed his fanciful cane and proceeded to greet the new visitors.</p> <p>Elizabeth overheard  Mr. Blennet greeting the visitors, "I trust you gentlemen had a fanciful journey."</p> <p>Elizabeth drew back in shock, "gentlemen? Does that mean, no, it couldn't!"</p> <p>Mr. Barcy walked into the house, ducking under the doorway just in time to pull his fancifully tall tophat through.</p> <p>Mrs. Blennet ducked around the corner and whispered to the girls, "girls, go seduce both of those men. Statistically speaking, at least one of us is bound to score."</p> <p>As the girls paraded into the parlor while trying to look as nonchalant as possible, Mrs. Blennet ran around the house rearranging chairs and other furniture into fanciful formations sure to please the visitors.</p> <h2>Chapter A Continuation Of The Last Part</h2> <p>Mr. Lickham greeted Lydia fancifully with a soft romantic kiss that started out awkwardly but ended in an intimate manner with some gasping in between.</p> <p>Mr. Barcy stood in the corner of the room with a judgemental look in his eyes. Noone dared bother him except Elizabeth.</p> <p>"Mr. Barcy, you are an asshole" Elizabeth told him.</p> <p>Mr. Barcy remained composed, "I am not."</p> <p>Elizabeth continued, "Mr. Lickham told me."</p> <p>Mr. Barcy's face contorted into a raisin and he dramatically lowered his voice, "be careful around Lickham." He walked away from Elizabeth and into another corner of the room, brooding mysteriously.</p> <h2>Chapter Whatever</h2> <p>Elizabeth stared in wonder at That One Place. A bunch of adjectives really described it in a wonderfully symbolic way and Elizabeth grimaced at the memory of her turning down Mr. Barcy.</p> <p>"Wait, does this make me look like a money-hunting whore?" she thought to herself as she entered the fanciful building.</p> <p>Before she had a chance to mentally escape her self doubts, Mr. Barcy fancifully came down a flight of stairs. Their eyes met, and they both blushed.</p> <p>Mr. Barcy mustered up his most intimate voice, "greetings, Elizabeth, would you like to have a tour of my estate? My chambermaids can make some pretty good Gyurma sausages."</p> <p>He muttered under his breath, "fuck I'm not very good at flirting at all."</p> <p>"Mr. Barcy, you are aware that I can still hear your muttering since you're still close to me, right?" Elizabeth asked.</p> <p>"Shit, well. Bye then."</p> <p>"Bye."</p> <p>Mr. Barcy walked back up the fanciful stairs at a fanciful pace, looking back only once because the stairs were in a spiral formation that forced him to look back while he was looking forward because circles are like that.</p> <h2>Chapter The Ending Part</h2> <p>Lady Catherine DeBitch coughed fancifully into Mrs. Blennet's china set.</p> <p>"I am here to discuss private matters with Elizabeth" she wheezed.</p> <p>Everyone except Elizabeth filed out of the room.</p> <p>"Do not marry my son" DeBitch instructed.</p> <p>"No."</p> <p>"No u."</p> <p>"That makes no sense."</p> <p>"Fuck."</p> <p>DeBitch stood up and left, "I'll be back."</p> <h2>Chapter The Ending Part For Real</h2> <p>They got married the end yay.</p> Wed, 24 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-1-jane-austen http://enchoseon.com/super-fantastical-1-jane-austen The Grand Inkitt Scam <h2>New writers are desperate.</h2> <p>They work hard on their ginormous manuscripts and usually end up having them rot into oblivion when zero A-list publishers pick it up. Luckily for them, a great company in Berlin is dubbing itself, “The world’s first reader-powered publisher”, or something like that.</p> <p>Meet Inkitt, a humble company that totally doesn’t exaggerate itself when it’s really just a shitty version of Wattpad.</p> <p>Inkitt is a <del>big ol’ scam</del> wonderful opportunity for people!</p> <p>And I’ll tell you why.</p> <h2>The People Running it Don’t Even Exist</h2> <p>Ali Albazaz is the founder and CEO of Inkitt. He studied computer science and doesn’t have any publishing experience. Also, his stories are… well… you can <a href="https://www.inkitt.com/ali">read them yourself</a>.</p> <p><img src="../assets/inkitt-ali.png" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>Update:</strong> As it turns out, Ali recently deleted all of his stories. (One day after the time of writing.) Luckily, I already read all of the fucking chapters of <em>The Lost Howl</em> and I fully, <strong>legitimately</strong> regret it.</p> <p>The co-founder, <a href="https://www.inkitt.com/jusum">Linda Gavin</a>, studied design. She’s a web designer who draws logos and icons for stuff. But no actual publishing experience here, either. Her background is also a bit more mysterious because no amount of searching would give me anything else.</p> <p><img src="../assets/inkitt-linda.png" alt="" /></p> <p>I tried to read a few chapters of her stories, but they were even less comprehensible than Ali’s.</p> <h2>Publishing, Yay!</h2> <p>“Who are we or any editor in the world to judge whether your book is worth publishing?”<br> – Inkitt Website – 2018</p> <p>From this quote, I don’t think they grasp the idea that editors edit stuff and that publishing stuff is a business that requires agents striking deals over mugs of steaming coffee at 1 AM in the morning.</p> <p>Not doing anything is not actually publishing. Just saying. But these guys are pros, they probably do all that behind-the-scenes, right?</p> <p>Goodie for them, the readers do all the work. Their “advanced algorithms” will detect stories that get liked or viewed. They’ll even ring you up a publishing deal by pitching the book to Random House or some other good publisher to score you a deal!</p> <h2>Inkitt’s Super-Genius Advanced Algorithm</h2> <p>Even though the founders have no idea what they are doing, they have a super-awesome method of figuring out which books to offer publishing deals.</p> <p>They use deep learning algorithms.</p> <p>That’s right, they started out with zero data, and then some data, and then they train their algorithm on that data. And then the algorithm studies more data as it continues learning from nothing into something.</p> <p>This is 100% farce because the super-good AI they tout couldn’t have sprouted out of nothing. In fact, I don’t even think their algorithm even exists.</p> <p>The problem is that the Inkitt algorithm would need big data from their own users to figure out what books people read more on their platform. (That’s what they say their algorithm analyzes).</p> <h2>Publishing</h2> <p>Also, the <a href="http://www.inkitt.com/publishing">publishing page</a> on their site clearly shows their method of publishing!</p> <ul> <li>They design a cover for your book and edit the manuscript. (Let’s ignore the fact that authors commission their own artists.)</li> <li>Pitch your book to A-list publishers.</li> <li>Even if the big awesome publishers deny your story, don’t worry! Inkitt will publish it for you if that happens! (Wow, they are so nice!)</li> </ul> <p>According to the site, their first published work is the <em>Sky Riders</em> series by some gal named Erin Swan.</p> <p>I tried looking on Amazon. Nothing. It hasn’t been published.</p> <p>My Google search brought up nothing, <a href="https://www.inkitt.com/erinelizabethswan">except the Inkitt page</a> and some news about the book releasing sometime “soon.”</p> <p>If a publisher like HarperCollins does pick up the book, Inkitt takes 15%, the same percentage most reputable agents put up. It’s great news that a mysterious company that doesn’t understand how publishing works is willing to charge you the same rate as a decent agent!</p> <p>So what if Inkitt did publish it themselves? You get 50% of their earnings on the book. That’s better than anything you’ll get from any publishers. Something even more amazing is that they don’t even put your book up for sale, like in the case of Erin Swan.</p> <p>If worst comes to worst you could put your work on Amazon yourself and earn 70%.</p> <h2>Do I Keep My Rights?</h2> <p>Let’s say you win a contest and get Inkitt’s publishing deal (the great 50% of $0 one).</p> <p>You're sipping coffee from your Inkitt mug and jotting down creative ideas in your Inkitt notepad, but you’re worried about your rights as a creator being violated.</p> <p>Inkitt claims you keep all of your rights.</p> <p>But you know how Inkitt put up your story on Amazon? And how publishers need the English-language right to publish a book in the English language?</p> <p><strong>Inspecting the Fine Print:</strong> Inkitt can own your stuff if you are “Specially Promoted.”</p> <p>Aka: They can own your stuff without notifying you if they decide it. There are no failsafes beyond this for you other than pursuing legal action. And I mean legal action, Inkitt isn't based in the US where arbitration is a thing, you have to file a lawsuit.</p> <p>I have a pretty good idea that they “specially promote” you before they throw your book on Amazon.</p> <h2>Fanfiction Contests</h2> <p>I don’t think they understand copyright.</p> <h2>Unmasking the Real Scam</h2> <p>So a couple of months before I wrote this post, a guy named <a href="https://fictigristle.wordpress.com/2018/01/27/the-dark-side-of-inkitt/">James Beamon</a> investigated the “Collected Data” bar in the Inkitt analytic’s page (which has been removed along with its contests and literally everything else over the course of two months.)</p> <p>He contacted support to figure out exactly how the “chapter reads” were related to the collected data bar.</p> <p><img src="assets/inkitt-beamon-1.png" alt="" /></p> <p>They ended up going on a game of ping-pong where the support eventually said that chapter reads don’t directly fill the bar, reader data does.</p> <p>Thus, another ping-pong ball was added and they began playing an even more confusing game of ping-pong.</p> <p><img src="assets/inkitt-beamon-2.png" alt="" /></p> <p>Apparently, this was about “reader engagement,” and not about “how the readers read the book with how it is paced.” But don’t worry, James continued pushing past this confusing mesh of words and began checking off possibilities in his head as they began to be eliminated.</p> <p>The bar was not “directly” influenced by chapter reads or how fast or slow a person reads a book.</p> <p>And then James had a soylent green moment.</p> <p><img src="assets/inkitt-beamon-3.png" alt="" /></p> <p>Now, James hit a wall because the discussion was going into “proprietary information,” but his theory makes sense.</p> <p>The thing is, when you sign into Inkitt with your Facebook or Google account, they can request your data. And depending on what information you give when you click “Yes, I Accept,” you could be giving away lots of information to e-marketers or ad companies.</p> <p>If you don’t mind giving away information (or have a lot of aliases,) then none of this should matter as it’s a matter of choice.</p> <p>Whether or not you choose to participate in becoming a product out of your own personal information is up to your own discretion (to a certain point in certain areas, thanks [insert intelligence agency]!)</p> <p>But even if you’re fine with your personal information being sold, you should still be aware of Inkitt’s many faults that don’t make it worth it to click that big blue sign-up button in the first place.</p> <h2>Summary</h2> <p>Just save yourself the trouble. Seriously.</p> <p>There was talk about Tor Books striking a deal with Inkitt over Erin Swan’s series, which is awesome.</p> <p>It’s also great how her entire series is still published by Inkitt and hosted on their site for free! (I’m assuming that the professionally-published version will be cleanly edited and revised.)</p> <p>That information came out in 2017. And recently Tor Books opened up about their deal!</p> <p>The book was supposed to release Summer 2017. Now it’s gonna release in Autumn 2019. (The delay was due to internal conflicts. Whatever that means.)</p> <p>Erin Swan is none the wiser about Inkitt’s practices, but at least she’s one of the many victims who is actually getting published. Good for her.</p> <p><img src="assets/inkitt-scam.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>References:</strong></p> <ul> <li><a href="https://wrrrdnrrrdgrrrl.com/2016/05/23/inkitt-scam-spam-no-thank-you-maam/">Inkitt: Spam, Scam, No Thank You, Ma’am</a></li> <li><a href="https://www.inkitt.com/terms">Inkitt TOS</a></li> <li><a href="https://www.bustle.com/articles/158340-book-selected-by-computer-algorithm-to-be-published-by-inkitt-and-tor">Book Selected by Computer Algorithm to be Published by Inkitt and Tor</a></li> <li><a href="https://fictigristle.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/are-inkitt-bestsellers-really-selling/">The Dark Side of Inkitt</a></li> </ul> Thu, 10 May 2018 20:00:00 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/the-grand-inkitt-scam http://enchoseon.com/the-grand-inkitt-scam Search Sun, 11 Apr 2021 05:23:43 -0400 http://enchoseon.com/search http://enchoseon.com/search