This Page is No Longer Under Work!!

This page is archived for cringey sentimental value.

Everything under this line was written well over a year ago a super long time ago.

Also, I removed all of the hyperlinks because I don’t want you finding my old web serials, ha.

Main Web Serials:

2,000-words each. Released monthly.

~Super Amazing Journey in this Fantastical World!~
A helpless guy accidentally absorbs a super-powerful stone and goes on a super fantastical adventure with a ragtag group of friends. This is a farcical take on the clichéd fantasy trope of “kings-n-queens.” But I still love the genre, and this is just my “parody” of sorts.

Update from Neo 2 Years in the Future: Fictigristle has a very good litRPG novel, you should go check it out. (Not sponsored, don’t tell him I sent you).

There will be a second main web serial very soon!

Bi-weekly Releases:

Stuff that gets released every two weeks in smaller chunks.

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This stuff is either old/recycled material or very small blurbs of ideas I see good potential. One-shots are stories that I can’t turn into fully-fledged web serials. Vote for stories you want to see turned into bi-weekly releases. These one-shots only get continued work if they are moved into the bi-weekly category.

~A Murder and 52 Cents~
A rampant serial killer targets beautiful teenage girls in a Victorian-era setting. The murderer faces off against a detective who will stop at nothing to catch the criminal.
Fun Fact: This was originally gonna be my submission for the 2018 Literary Taxidermy writing contest, but I decided to publish it as a one-shot instead.
Still Under Development + Extra Gore

~The Last Day of April~
The world ends in 10…9…8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1. Like all stories, this one will end in death. Only, this will end with the death of humanity. But before this happens, the main character will try to wrap up his somewhat mundane life in a not-so-mundane story.
Still Under Development

A normal guy and his somewhat normal manager have idiotic adventures. If I had drawing skills this would’ve been a colorful 4-koma manga. Now that I think about it, most of my stories would be better off as manga. Dang it.
Still Under Development

~ E r u t z ~
Note: Erutz used to be a fully-fledged main web serial. However, I ended up biting off more than I could chew and had to recycle this into a one-shot because I needed to give myself more time to work on the other web serials.

~Project 11~

Update from Neo 2 Years in the Future: Project 11 was actually my first and main web serial for the super duper vast majority of my time, but after I stopped writing, I never came back.

Discontinued Web Serials:

These are the lost and archived web serials. They are probably never gonna see the light of day ever again. Beg me in an email or something if you actually want to promote them into one-shots.

~Club Penguin Fanfiction~
What started out as a joke actually became a thing. I never proofread it, nor do I plan on. No surprise it was discontinued.

Stuff That I’m Doing:

Since I’m bad at this “make a good website” thing, I’ll group all of the updates on the web serials into one big ugly clump at the bottom of this page.

Fantastical Journey – Artwork + Chapter 1

One Shots – Lots of writing + Lots of proofreading

All of the Above – Procrastinating

New Main Web Serial