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Really Bad Art

Hello, welcome to my "art" page, which is filled with terrible renders I made in Blender.

If you'd like to see some other things I do, here is my portfolio.

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Raft (7-8-20)

I tried to use the toon shader on some parts. I don't know how to use the toon shader.

Castle (7-9-20)

Tried to hide my mistakes with God Rays. Too bad I can't make God Rays.

Breach (7-10-20)

Wasted so much time scuplting an unused alien and animating the lights.

Barn (7-13-20)

The barn is just images on planes. The mountains are made with modifiers. Probably should've just photoshopped a starry sky instead of using noise.

Vanisher (7-14-20)

I should've upped the resolution of the labels.

Friendly Wave (7-17-20)

Low poly character with 100% realistic mesh deformation gives you a friendly wave.

Realistic Physics (7-18-20)

A 100% realistic physics simulation.

Shark (7-22-20)

Totally a shark.

Bugs (7-23-20)

I tried to do a hair sim, but I failed and made this instead.

Flag (7-23-20)


Katamari (8-6-20)

Got bored while waiting for a Zoom call, made this.

Window (8-9-20)

My only skill is making shitposts.

Bullet (8-11-20)

I feel like the more I use Blender, the worse I get.

Ocean (8-11-20)

Here is an alternative rendered in Eevee in like 1/8th of the time. (But I screwed up glare so it was unusable).

Bricks (8-12-20)

Just some non-descript plastic bricks.

Raft Revisited (8-12-20)

I remade that raft I made over a month ago. (Here is a comparison pic).

Butt (8-13-20)

Was just screwing around.

Rawr (8-16-20)

I regret nothing.

Bulb (8-19-20)


Eggs (8-19-20)

why. (click here for sound)

Chair (8-23-20)

It's a chair.

Anvil (8-30-20)

It's an anvil.

Burger (9-4-20)

Very realistic burger. (Here's an early version rendered in Eevee.)

Switch (9-4-20)

It's true she told me.

Robot (9-5-20)

His processor heats up and his circuits buzz with electricity, the result of the computation? Fear.

Kyuu (9-5-20)

I love Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan so much that I decided to make Kyuu-chan fanart. Here is a version with audio and here is a mistake. (Based on this image)

Couch (9-6-20)

I really regret not spending an extra minute unwrapping the siding. (Here is a 4K version for literally no reason.)

Apple (9-7-20)

Fun with Blender's glitchy rigidbodies.

Overwhelmed (9-12-20)

Tired. (With sound)

Exhausted (9-15-20)

Possibly a work-in-progress, if I feel like continuing to work on it.

Canyon (9-17-20)

A procedural canyon. (Click here for sound)

Blocks (9-17-20)

A procedural... thing. (Click here for sound)

Monkey (9-19-20)


Anything (9-22-20)

As you can see, I am very creative. (Click here for sound)

Room 01 (10-1-20)

I played around for a few days in the same .blend file and ended up with this. (Click here for sound)

Hammer (10-3-20)

Quick seamless loop.

Animal Crossing (10-8-20)

How did we get here? (Click here for sound)

Fire (10-13-20)

It's a thing.

Forest (10-13-20)

Got that 2007 Source map vibe... Inspired by this Reddit post of a PS1-style cinematic.

Cubes (10-14-20)

Nobody hates the default cube more than himself.

Big Brother (10-16-20)

A l w a y s _ w a t c h i n g _ ( S o u n d _ v e r s i o n )

Space (10-18-20)

A project that I lost motivation on and decided to kill before I sunk too much time into it.

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