Day 1,023 of The Enchoseon Project

Hello. This post is being written on the 1,023rd day of The Enchoseon Project’s existence.

Lately, I have been sick in bed and/or sick out of bed wishing that I was in bed.

Because of that, I haven’t been able to post here lately.

Luckily, nobody actually cares.

This article is going to completely shake the foundations of The Enchoseon Project because my semi-conscious brain is going to transcend time and space to deliver you the best content you have ever seen.

Branching Out

In the past couple of years, The Enchoseon Project has grown into a behemoth with multiple ‘branches’ of projects for different types of projects that fall under it.

I’ve recently decommissioned a couple of branches and fixed up a few issues.

I Fixed The Blog Branch

Thanks to a special anon who was pissed off by the text formatting on this blog they decided to remind me that word-wrap is a thing.

Some Things Beyond Enchoseon

It is a (debatable) fact that the teenage years are the best years of human life.

This apparently has something to do with being young and reckless, thus allowing people to mature and discover inner meaning and life purpose.

With the winds of highschool stripping away my last shreds of hope and empathy for my peers, I’ve decided to stay at home and refrain from interacting with people.

My role is the observer, and I’m not going to change it.

Venturing out of my shell is dangerous, my school is a cesspool for drugs.

At the snap of their fingers, large blockades can suddenly appear, creating a temporary safe-zone for vaping, smoking, etc. Gambling and fighting usually take place off-campus.

The truth of the matter is that people can compartmentalize themselves so well that it is nearly impossible to figure out who you can rely on.

The rich and handsome gamblers and detestable fuckboys and cash-generating hoes and toxic gossip all make socializing and being around people an absolute nightmare.

So I’ve given up on socializing entirely. It’s too hard, confusing, and painful.

My main priority is to survive high school and grow The Enchoseon Project. Both priorities are intertwined, I cannot work on one without the other, so there’s no point trying to place one in higher importance above the other.

What’s Next?

I’m currently developing the Unknown Art Project and ThiccHub branch of Enchoseon. (Full info here.)

I’ll get back to blogging regularly once I get those projects back on their feet.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

Hentaihaven Was Shut Down – Updated + Updated Again

The NEW 2019 July updates on HH are here. This post is outdated.

Updated A Couple Hours Later: The speculation period is over, HH is down for the count. I don’t know if the message on the site will stay up for too long so here’s a screenshot to remember it by:

Hentaihaven was a gamechanger for subbed hentai. But after so many other sites have risen to compete, it has done its purpose and can rest knowing that the future of high-quality anime delivery to people outside of Japan is safe.

I’d like to give my sincerest thanks to the Hentaihaven team for making such a fantastic community and bringing about a revolution in how people get their hentai fix.

I also beg to differ from the message a tiny bit. This is a happy ending, and it’s been such a fun ride. I think I speak for the whole Hentaihaven community (AKA: people who just wanted a good fap) when I say that we are sincerely grateful for everything. We couldn’t have asked for more.

….Well, except the damn store could’ve been open longer, because I just wanted a shirt or something to have as memo, damnit.

Sayonara! (And happy holidays.)

Also, I dig the cake.


Alright, so Fakku and Hentaihaven are gonna join forces.

I swear Zom is just trolling us at this point.


Remember to join the official Discord.

Follow the real Twitter and Facebook, and remember that the only real Hentaihaven is, all other sites are imposters or unrelated.

I had just finished my finals. I was looking forwards to just me, Hentaihaven, and a ton of stress being taken off my shoulders. No biggee.

But it was gone.

The store is down. The site is down. The Twitter account is down.

Hentaihaven was wiped out overnight.

Online communities have been dying. YouTube is absolute shit, Tumblr ignored a vast majority of its users—What makes Hentaihaven matter in the midst of this bullshit?

Because I was gonna fucking use it goddamnit!

Currently everything is just rumors. This article will be updated every time something new comes out, so just bookmark this page and check it every day for the next week or something, because the speculation will only continue to grow.

Here are the current theories.


SESTA-FOSTA is a threat to online communities like Wikipedia and many social media sites.

It works under the guise of punishing sex traffickers, and it sucks at its job.

The summary is that the owners of online communities must either A) Take the hit for their user’s actions or B) Stop free online speech.

Companies have to balance between these two extremes, and that can come at the price of censorship (think Tumblr) or faulty attempts to fix problems (think YouTube’s algorithms and Tumblr’s porn-finding bot).

Zom’s Fursuit Debt

(This is an April Fool’s joke from last year. If you actually take this seriously you are stupid.)

Hosting Problems

Hentaihaven is worth a lot of money.

And on the same note, it also costs a lot of money.

On average, a 22 minute video at 720 p would be about 70 mbs.

The site simply could’ve fallen into disrepair.

Sold Off

There is some discrepancy in this theory because the official Whois lookup for says the domain expires in 2019 while another says that the site was auctioned for $11,573 from and that it will expire in 2025.

This could mean A) The site was actually sold and will be up again sometime soon by someone else. It will most likely be a pay-to-watch business and no longer be the Hentaihaven we love. B) This is just a rumor.

Copyright Issues and Legal Trouble

Remember when the loli tag got removed?

It could be the same thing, just applied to the whole fucking site.

Remember to contact me if you find out any new information!


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