How Vaccinations Work, and Why You Should Be Vaccinated

This post was in the works for over a year. And by that, I mean that it was a skeleton draft that I forgot about in my Google Docs for over a year.

However, recent news about that 18-year-old guy who vaccinated himself has re-sparked genuine public interest in vaccines and unvaccinated children, which I personally thought was just a random minority and not an actual thing.

Vaccines in Brief

There are 5 main types of vaccines being used in the US:

  • Live vaccines contain weakened viruses/bacteria. They are given to people with healthy immune systems.
  • Inactivated vaccines have killed viruses/bacteria. Multiple doses required to build/maintain immunity.
  • Toxoid vaccines are made of weakened toxins created by bacteria.
  • Subunit vaccines have parts of the virus/bacteria rather than the entire thing. Side effects are also less likely.
  • Conjugate vaccines combat bacteria with coatings that hide them from the immune system (especially in young immune systems). The vaccine connects to the coating and creates an immune response.

There is some controversy around whether live or inactivated vaccines are better. On one end, live vaccines build the immune system naturally, but natural infections can be deadly.

The side-effects of vaccines are usually mild. The false belief that vaccines cause autism is the result of bad media coverage and idiot celebrities (or the president) preaching about it.

Some Example Vaccines:

DPT/DTaP Vaccine: Protects from diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus. Contains toxoids for tetanus and subunits of pertussis.

Polio Vaccine: Protects from polio (duh). Can be administered through injection (inactivated virus) or orally (weakened virus). Injection is also extremely safe.

Combined DTaP-IPV-HepB Vaccine: Combination of vaccines usually for children lagging behind. The three vaccines are DTP, polio (injection), and HepB (for hepatitis B).1

The Immune System in Not-so-Brief

 Our bodies don’t like dying.

It’s generally a bad thing to die.

To begin, let’s quickly cover our body’s defense systems.

Innate Defense System

  • Skin and mucous membranes
  • Phagocytes (a type of white blood cell)
  • Antimicrobial proteins
  • Attack cells

Your skin and the mucous membranes around your organs provide the first line of defense for your body.

Your sweat has chemicals that destroy bacteria. Your slightly acidic skin destroys bacteria. Enzymes in your saliva, mucus, and eyes destroy bacteria. Your body really likes to destroy bacteria.

Phagocytes get called into battle to gobble up invaders, but they require energy to maintain.


Neutrophils are the most common phagocytes. They can move around really fast and engulf germs before self-destructing. They can also secrete toxins. Neutrophils track down germs by tracking their chemical ‘scent’, which means they only attack stuff that doesn’t smell right. Neutrophils also self-destruct.

Macrophages are another type of phagocyte. They also eat germs, but they can eat multiple times, spitting out the digested gunk and then eating some more.

Natural Killer Cells

NK cells drift around in your blood looking for invaders. When they find one, they will essentially stab the shit out of it and pour in its toxins that make the cell self-destruct. They can also kill your own body cells if they’re infected. NK cells detect bad cells by checking if they create MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex), which is a set of proteins that healthy, non-infected cells have on their surface.

Body Responses

  • Fever: Raises body temperature in an attempt to kill bacteria
  • Inflammatory Response: Cranks up the heat around cuts to help with healing and make capillaries release proteins to clog the cut.
  • Leukocytosis: To create and direct more neutrophils (which will be dying a ton in the heat of their self-destructive battle), your body will send out monocytes and neutrophils from your bone marrow to squeeze through the capillaries and get to the battlefield.

Adaptive Defense System

If your innate defense system fails, your body will need to kick it into high gear, calling in your adaptive defense system.

Your adaptive defense system is much more specific than your innate defense system. It systematically targets invaders and memorizes them.

Battle Plan
  1. B cells detect stuff. The more stuff a B cell learns to recognize, the more information gets passed onto future B cells, making detection of the same thing easier. This ‘thing’ could be your body’s cells or an antigen (which can be any invader, such as a fungus, toxin, bacteria, or virus).
  2. Once your B cells get riled up, they’ll try to eliminate your invader. Each B cell has thousands of binding receptors. Each receptor binds to a single antigen, meaning that it takes a lot of B cells to find one that matches a specific antigen
  3. Once the correct B cell finds the correct antigen, the B cell will absorb it and begin rapidly reproducing. You’ll end up with a bunch of B cells with the exact same antibody to combat the specific antigen.
  4. At this point, the B cells will begin marking the antigens (these attacking B cells are called plasma cells). Some other B cells become memory B cells, which will help recognize the antigen in the future.
  5. Antibodies don’t directly attack the antigens.2

All of the inflaming and fever and weakness from the expenditure of energy for your immune system will make you feel sick and tired.

If you are re-exposed to the same antigen in the future, the memory B cells will still be around, detecting them faster and fighting back without you even noticing.

Dangers of Unvaccinated Children

I say ‘children’ because dead people don’t grow old.

Vaccinations depend on other people being immune. Unvaccinated children are extra-dangerous because they break the herd immunity. They also put others at risk as well.

Children’s immune systems are only recently developed. Most of the defenses they learned was while they were in the womb or through drinking breast milk. Immunity to more severe or rapidly changing diseases like influenza or chicken pox is naturally learned by sucking toes and being smothered in drool.

High rates of coverage are important. It takes only one child to become a big disease-spreading machine to cause an outbreak.

Outbreaks are classified as the sudden increase of disease in a time and place. Outbreaks can affect thousands or few, but the point is that unvaccinated children harboring disease stop the whole point of being immunized in the first place.


The flu comes and goes predictably each year. The flu vaccine is usually a combined vaccine to provide immunity for the diseases that are predicted to strike during flu season.

But the flu is just the gateway disease that opens the door for ear infections, sinus infections, and pneumonia from all of the fluid buildup.

The death rates for the flu change each year. The ambiguity of the death rates occurs mostly from states not being required to report this information to people like the CDC. However, states are required to provide reports on the deaths of children, which is why we have an abundance of info on children and influenza but not the people reading this post.

In Short:

I use the term “In Short:’ a lot.

Also, unvaccinated people are at serious risk for disease and pose a serious risk for people around them.

Currently, 17 states in the US allow vaccine exemptions. There was a recent measles outbreak due to unvaccinated people in Washington, which is extremely concerning.

There was also a 30% increase in measles due to a lack of vaccine coverage last year.

I am proposing two different ideas to be reviewed by anybody who is actually knowledgeable about law and stuff so that they can be turned into law.

Proposal 1: Right to Scratch Children with Rusty Nails

Natural selection

Proposal 2: Right to Infiltrate and Vaccinate Sleeping Children

Evade the parents.

As a final note, I leave you with the super-easy staircase to preventing disease outbreaks:

  1. Remove personal belief exemptions.
  2. Tighten down on medical exemptions.
  3. Give more freedom to the kids to make their own decision on getting vaccinated and teach them about how they’ll fucking die and/or hurt everyone if they don’t. Kids shouldn’t have to wait to turn 18 so that they can escape their parents to get vaccinated.

If that was too complicated for the anti-vaxxers, let me simplify:


Valentine’s Day is Boring

I woke up today at 7 am. It was a rainy day; and on top of that, the streetlights at the intersection at the front of school were broken, again.

The backlog of traffic stretched so far as to affect the freeway.

After entering first period I was instantly reminded it was Valentine’s Day.

Annoyingly bright red paper cards were splayed out on the desks with messages that sounded like a plea for consent or something you’d say to a jumper on the Golden Gate bridge. However, mine looked like this:

After a couple of classes had passed, I decided that the rain had silenced Valentine’s day and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace because there would not be a considerable increase of dickish couples taking up too much personal space in large public areas.

~ Intermission ~

I now bring you this intermission with teacher’s responses to random questions.

“Dragon Ball is bloodshed. It is violent. It is evil.” – A teacher commenting on Dragon Ball.

“Pokemon is too childish.” – A teacher commenting on Pokemon.

“What is that?” – A teacher commenting on My Hero Academia.

“That is unrelated to this class” – A teacher commenting on transgender students

That’s all for this intermission. I’ll find more stuff to do like this for future posts.

The rest of Valentines passed without anything else happening. The most excitement was at the hallway intersections because people were trying to open and close their umbrellas.

After some other lonely people stared at me as I popped a couple Kiss chocolates into my mouth (which they then saw was from my Lunchable and immediately reaccepted me nonverbally with their eye contact), I was on my way home.

The rain dimmed down into an obnoxious mist-thing where an umbrella doesn’t do much and the water gradually dampens all of your clothing.

After getting home, I stole a couple chocolates from my brother’s bag before they got checked and now I’m typing this at my computer with a yellow Starburst in my mouth because there weren’t actually any chocolates in what I stole.

However, I got to see some wonderful things in the wrappers of the candies I stole, such as “Make them Melt” and “It was My Pleasure“. If that’s really some elementary schooler candy, then I just want to know what’s on the wrappers of high school candy.

Education and Fear

This post is divided into two sections:

  • Education – The long-term flaws in public education as a whole.
  • Fear – The flaws in school’s management of students.

Part One: Education

Low Level: The College Bottleneck

All schooling before college is done to prepare students for college. In late high school, students who don’t drop out will spend lots of time (and money) prepping for exams, which are equally expensive.

Afterward, they will apply for college. Most will fail, and the competition causes a problem: Where do all of the rejects go?

Obviously, we have community colleges, but not everybody is willing to give up on a good college, so rejects will pay even more money out-of-pocket for remedial courses.

In 2010, over 1 billion dollars was paid out-of-pocket for remedial education throughout the US.

Personally, I have no problem with community colleges. My goals in life are not insanely high, but there is still competition for people who stoop down to my level, too.

Education is failing to prepare students to be adults. College should not be the priority. My high school’s motto is literally only about making students ready for college. This needs to change because the bottleneck for successful college applicants will only get tighter.

Reform Tactics

The following are existing tactics that are already improving the education system.

Test students more thoroughly

This reduces the chances of incorrect rejections, saving money on unnecessary remedial education. Many colleges already do this, cross-referencing past GPA, old records and new test scores to accept or reject applicants.

While this reform makes college acceptances and rejections more accurate, it does not necessarily help with the vast amount of money spent on remedial courses.

Local high school companionship

Colleges can provide high school students with opportunities to earn college credits or to be prepared by doing college-level courses. For students, this involves getting used to people talk at 2x speed and wondering why you got placed in advanced math when you signed up for the lower level.

Compressed courses

Students who take remedial education risk falling behind. This can be solved by compressing courses into short super-intense periods. This could also be applied to extracurriculars to open up a wider door of possibilities where an entire year isn’t gobbled up.

Deeper Level: Eventual Damnation

Schools run on a magic substance obtained via blood, sweat, and tears: Money.

Public schools that have the least money will get more Federal funding, which is distributed by the state. On the other hand, schools that boast rigorous courses and are not poor will receive enough money to survive on-edge and without enough money to invest in new books and equipment, resulting in lowly schools getting the best stuff for themselves.

Public education is ill-equipped to deal with some major problems such as:

Heterogeneousness – Public schools lack resources to support different students. Quality will be traded for equality as students enrolling continue to become more and more different.

21st Century Skills – The new skills people need in the 21st century come down to problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking. They are skills that cannot be quantized into courses that can be taught and graded. Rather, students usually learn these skills off campus or through group projects where the teacher arbitrarily grades the “Teamwork” section on the rubric based on whoever passive-aggressively put their name as the second-to-last one on the Powerpoint because they did the whole thing.

Fast Advancement – Values for what the most important skills are will continue to change and schools must regularly update material. The new skills may be even more abstract and unteachable with traditional teaching methods.

Lack of Funding – Schools cannot afford to regularly spend thousands of dollars on the new updated material and students will fail to learn the important skills they need. It’s highly unlikely schools will be able to reform before the shit hits the fan.

Lack of Incentive – The incentive is mostly provided to teachers, who can already seek easier and higher-paying lines of work for their high qualifications. Seriously, kids are dicks. I’m a dick. I wouldn’t want to be around me, either. Students do not legitimately care about college until a fire is lit under them.

Possible Reform Tactic

Full-digital self-teaching classrooms

This would heavily reduce costs for new material and allow publishers and providers to easily update material much, much faster and efficiently. Simply moving from physical books to 100% e-books would be a game-changer by itself. The conversion into full-digital would also allow for more competitive pricing.

The first areas to target for digital reform would be the fastest-growing areas like computer science or digital art.

Seriously, my computer science class uses a book from 2008 and recommends using Notepad or Microsoft Word to edit code. Computer classes are a different topic altogether because they deserve to be ranted about in whole.

In full-digital, the material could be modeled around each student. ESLR students would be given material that they could understand better and students with disabilities would get versions of material they could use without a hitch. More work could be graded automatically, and the technophobic teachers would be forced to accept AI supremacy.

Self-teaching would let students learn 21st-century skills while still completing all of their A-G courses. Self-teaching would also heavily reduce the blowback for teachers because they would not need to constantly race to learn the always-improving material.

Students would need to grasp basic concepts and solve problems independently. Concepts would be presented in different ways to ensure students could figure out how to learn because the ability to learn and pick up new information is more important than graphing stupid quadratics.

Example “Introduction to New Concept” Problem for Self-Learning:

Example (already solved)

2 + x = 12

x = 10

1. (not solved)
5 + x = 12

x = __

Students that fail the self-teaching could move into a different classroom where a teacher gave the material to them with traditional teaching styles to kickstart the student into understanding concepts they may have missed so that they can self-learn again, learning 21st-century concepts while advancing at their own pace.

These traditional-teaching checkpoints would throw the finishing punch to knock information into a student’s head, also clearing up any misconceptions made while self-learning.

A personal example of self-teaching would be how I learned to solve polynomials without knowing 6th-grade math. I had little knowledge of positives and negatives and how numbers worked or how solving equations actually happened. I just used reasoning and came up with my own thought process on how solving equations worked. Once I was taught how to ‘actually’ solve equations I realized there could be different paths of thinking for a straightforward math problem with only a single answer.

Even math is capable of teaching important 21st-century skills about critical thinking and creativity when it is self-taught.

The not-so-radical version of this reform would be to just do the full move into digital. We’d still be perfectly on-track for an education overhaul, and even if prices for digital books don’t drop, schools will have updatable material.

Future Reform

There is no secret teaching method that we forgot and now everything is going downhill because of it. We’ve been advancing pretty well, and these long-term problems will be very gradual.

Lots of people have been combating student malnutrition, drug abuse, chronic tardiness, and all of the other problems that fill schools.

Despite these improvements, there are still more problems that need to be solved, such as the rising suicide levels and the amount of shit that somehow gets on the ceiling of the restrooms. The amount of leftover Good Samaritans to think about the gradual long-term issues is too low, and those who do are often branded as “fight the system”-type people trying to elicit fear rather than helping.

Part Two: Fear (and other stuff)

Unfair Protection

With the media reporting more and more assaults and violent acts, men are terrified of crossing any lines with their female coworkers.

Even unemployed high school students are afraid, and not in some gross pubescent way, but as a real problem.

It only takes something recent and large to pop up on the news, and people will think that the large and recent event is suddenly more probable.

Nobody wants to be ostracized and falsely accused of harassment, and students are terrified of accusations being thrown at them despite the chances being very minuscule.

The problems are as such:

  • The false accusers don’t get punished
  • The victim gets turned a blind eye
  • The victim never ever recovers

Schools are only interested in protecting the victim, which, in all fairness, makes perfect sense. However, it is completely unethical to leave a student to the mercy of America’s finest, as punishment should be handled in a way that is accountable and reasonable.

High schoolers are on a whole different level of sadistic, almost capable of topping Saddam Hussein. Nobody deserves to be tormented on such a level. At the very least, schools should handle the punishment so that there is actual justice rather than mob mentality.

However, the other problems are as such:

  • We still need to punish people for real crimes
  • We don’t always know if someone is being falsely accused

We need to protect both sides of a conflict, but by the time a problem reaches OSPI-level recognition, the damage is done. Anyone can boast about protection for two sides of a conflict, but the truth is that nobody really wants to protect someone once they are accused of sexual assault and the “protection for both sides” ends as soon as a conclusion is reached.

Protection is bullshit, and we need to strengthen it (or just use tear gas on the students doing bullying).


At my school, there is an intersection where a large amount of paper in a glass case is displayed. This is normal, and people walk by many these cases on a regular basis because seriously, am I really gonna stop and read an essay for fun?

However, one day I was walking through the hallway during lunch hours, which meant the intersection was no longer an endless stream of bustling bodies. Which meant I could finally see what was in the case.

In large messy cut-out letters, the display was named “Stressed Out?”, which makes you wonder if the question mark was added due to the questionable tips presented or because whoever came up with the title thought it’d be a good idea to ask a question that has a unanimous answer: “Yes”.

It is common knowledge that students are stressed. It is also common knowledge that students are highly unstable.

Stress snaps people.

Examples of Snapped People:

  • Workaholics pushing physical limits.
  • Complete resignation and lack of drive.
  • Emotive numbness and detachment from friends.
  • Academic numbness and over-reliance on friends.
  • Starting a blog called Enchoseon.




Why Traveling to Thailand is Cool

One of the biggest lies I was told by my idiot classmates in elementary school was that Thailand was the same thing as Taiwan.

Thailand vs Taiwan

How My Thailand Trips Usually Go

Planning the trip starts many months before it actually happens. (We usually book the flight in December.)

Skip forward to summer, I’m fresh out of school and ready for a great summer with a steady sleep schedule without surprises.

Then, without warning, that flight creeps up on me and the next thing I am consciously aware of is the fact that we’re sitting in a dimly lit blue shuttle bus as we make our way to LAX, barreling down the freeway as my brother drools over my lap.

After 11 hours in the air and a security checkpoint in Seoul, we land in Thailand with aching butts and jet lag.

See the source image

It’s always beautiful. And it’s always full of traffic. And I always get crammed into the back of the van with the suitcases as we move to my uncle’s expensive condo in the city.

Bangkok is a great city. You have the yearly monsoon season that makes the best puddles (monsoon season came early once), great food, and a moderately high crime rate perfect for family vacations.

If you don’t take a panorama of the skyline you’re missing out on a lot. The city just stretches out around you in a never-ending jungle of concrete and cars.

Adventuring in Rural Thailand

Thailand is really diverse. Drive out for 5 minutes blindfolded and you can find yourself anywhere. Although most people who do this aren’t the ones driving.

Monsoon Season Thailand

If you want to experience more of Thailand then you’ll need to jump out of the comfy no-mosquitoes-nice-Traditional-Thai-music-on-speakers-by-the-beach-with-good-spas-and-a-breakfast-buffet and get ready for an absurdly long car trip into the less tourist-frequented parts of Thailand.

That means no tours or maps or good plans. It’s just endless car rides and a periodic stop at an Amazon Cafe by a 7-Eleven.

Eating seafood by the sea in a place illuminated moodily by lamps is more preferable to scarfing down an all-you-can-eat buffet filled with tourists trying to pictures of every goddamn thing in the room.

If you still want the comfy hotel experience you should consider location. Traveling is about being out and about, not staying in a hotel all day.

Things to Do

  • Travel out of your comfort zone.
  • Enjoy the food. You can scarf down meals every day and still get thinner, clear up your complexion, and feel healthier. Non-microwave cooking does wonders in general.

See the source image

Thai food has a lot of flavor, and you also get those 5 major food groups.

You can get sweet-n-sour stuff, super-spicy stuff, insanely-sweet stuff, and many other tastes in a single bite. (You can find your burgers and steaks in malls.)

The variety of tastes is unbelievable and can kill your unhealthy cravings in a couple days.

If you go to an open-air market you should also try a fresh coconut. (But it might be room temperature.) By open-air market I mean a market that smells like piss and fish, not a modern refurbished “100 year-old” market crowded with people that smell like body odor and fish.

See the source image

Another thing to note is that people sell stuff anywhere.

Residential and business areas have no laws forcing people to get permits or to live separately from their business.

It’s normal for people to have a store and past the flight of stairs the weird market smell is suddenly gone and you’re in a fully fleshed-out house right above the store front.


People don’t stay humble for very long and you’ll get caught up in your life filled with pristine restrooms and non-smelly markets. You’ll forget that gigantic newts even exist and you won’t need to watch where you step when you go the restroom at night.

You’ll either forget the trip and complain about useless things or you’ll become a snob who thinks they’ve transcended everyone else because you went somewhere for a couple weeks.

Go experience some information overload and don’t be a jerk about it.

Imagination Disorder

Imagination Disorder is a behavioral-mental disorder stemming from the lack of coping mechanisms for dealing with reality.There are a vast amount of signs and symptoms.

The cause of imagination is unclear due to varying cultural and social norms.

The refusal to slap reality into children can extend the disease into late adulthood. Some people never recover from imagination. (Eg: Roald Dahl, who imagined so much shit he had to write books to keep his head from exploding.)


Children and Imagination

Children are not skilled at discerning between reality and imagination. This can result in uncontrollable imagination attacks.

Since children have no control over their environment, it is easy to understand the internal unspoken pain devouring their sanity in their day-to-day lives.

Imagination can help these children create safe mental spaces where the characters from Peppa Pig temporarily seem real and are being hunted in a game to relieve stress and extract as much sadistic pleasure from an otherwise mundane and empty room.

Religion in Adults

A common theme in Imagination Disorder in Adults (aka: religion) is that a vast majority of the nonsensical imagined things happen in ways that cannot be proven.

A) The nonsensical happened a really long time ago.
B) The nonsensical simply cannot be perceived or comprehended.
C) The nonsensical is nonsensical but the mind ignores it to protect from trauma.

Approximately 90% of Americans believe in an imaginary character called “God”, who is an invisible protector that sends evildoers to be tortured in a fiery pit after they die and starts mass genocides for shits and giggles.

After lots of analysis, experts have concluded that being dead means you are incapable of being conscious to feel the aforementioned fiery pit, debunking the myth.

Some of the more lonely imagination victims may take drastic measures to please their imaginary God in order to get laid by 72 voluptuous virgins after they die.

Fun Fact: Archaeologists unearthed an ancient 4,000 year-old tablet hand-carved by Bill Gates admitting that Christianity was just his really bad fanfic where he made himself the supreme dictator of the universe and people ended up taking it too far.



Hallucinations are sensory perception without actual stimuli. Hallucinations are not misperceptions of external stimuli. Rather, they happen without any stimuli whatsoever.

Some hallucinations can end up with people conversing with nonexistent friends (most common in lonely children), hearing voices (also common in possessed children), and feeling things that don’t exist (common when children are tripping on acid).

Hallucinations are generally extremely vivid and indistinguishable from reality to those affected.


Delusions are firm beliefs against reality despite contradictory evidence. Delusions can make a person feel like they’re worth something to the world or that certain minorities should be removed from society. These people are usually the ones that get removed.

Writing Absurd Amounts of Fanfiction

This symptom is most prevalent in 11-16 year-old teenagers.

It occurs when imagination combines with horniness and lack of writing ability.

Teenagers release 99% of the world’s low-quality fanfiction. Fanfiction writers are worth very little to the world and invade all fandoms like the parasitic lowlife they are, usually inserting themselves as the character that has the most sex.

Giving honest criticism is like throwing a rock at a wasp nest. The best method for dealing with shitty fanfiction writers is to lock them up in a large facility disguised for learning.

Most of the criticism is by fanboys who want every story to follow the original plot, characters, etc, and it’s really just flaming at that point.



The first line of treatment is usually antipsychotic medication, which can heavily reduce the symptoms of imagination.

Antipsychotics tend to work best in medium doses for the least relapse, but the side effects can be severe.

Counseling and Early Intervention

Counseling is usually done by a school counselor, who will tell the patient to screw off until the symptoms get so bad that the patient commits suicide. At that point, the school will hold a daylight candlelight vigil where it’s too bright to see the candles with a bad yearbook photo in a cheap Homegoods frame and lots of satanic chants and prayers.

Image result for filthy frank


Absolutely fucking nothing. There is no factual evidence whatsoever.

This article started out as my attempt to pass the time and ended up becoming a waste of time.

Also, if you were insulted you should crawl back to Facebook and get pissed off with a bunch of other pissed off people.

6 Reasons Why I like Christmas

Last week’s main post was ginormous (no, not the Hentaihaven one), and I remember stating that I would take a small breather because I was exhausted.

I forgot about Christmas.

So here’s my obligatory Christmas post, because I just finished finals and I should definitely be doing this instead of sleeping.

I’m honestly too lazy to do something creative so just pretend I said something here that helps transition into the listicle.

1. The Music

Christmas music is on another tier of meta. Christmas music is also an excuse to create highly uncreative Christmassy improvs in the piano, which only require stealing the bassline from that Mariah Carey song I forgot the name to and little snippets from famous Christmas songs to truly show your lack of inspiration and drive.

2. The Desserts

Christmas is a dessert and candy goldmine.

“I can’t truly get in the Christmas spirit until my latte makes my breath smell like I orally pleasured a candy cane.” – Conan O’Brien on Twitter

“You do know that Twitter posts do not count as actual evidence, right?” – A student destroying an entire team in a debate.

3. The Family, Friends, and Gift-Giving

If two’s a company and three’s a crowd, then eight people in the living room must surely be beyond the scope of language.

Having a small group of people pop up at the front porch is fun because we get to have family video-worthy moments when we play group games.

My fondest random-family-members-showing-and-playing-a-game-with-us memory was with this game.

Random dude holding the game like a 6 year-old

It is one of the few games that’s actually more exciting than what’s on the box, as the pictures cannot fully demonstrate the sheer panic that arises once the balloon starts looking like a deformed testicle.

3. Winter Break

School is out, which means I can finally do things like sit in bed and wonder why break isn’t as awesome as I thought it’d be and attempt to find out what I’m supposed to do.

5. The Yearly Christmas Party

The yearly Christmas party is awesome.

There’s a ton of people, food, and the single cousin that I feel okay sitting next to.

For the longest time the Enchoseon Family-Friends Christmas party was held in my aunt’s massive house with shiny mahogany floorboards and a humongous Christmas tree in the living room with lots of balloons and a single Wii console that was the lifeblood of our enjoyment of the party.

My little brother, the aforementioned cousin, and I would claim the couches immediately after eating a tiny amount of food, enough to give the muscle cells in our fingers the energy required to play Mario Kart 7. Once the grownups invaded and started karoake-ing we’d run around and slide on the floorboards in our socks.

However, last year my aunt sold her house and settled into a much, much smaller house. Last year’s Christmas party was crammed into the much, much smaller house and our little trio of Mario Kart’ers just sat on the sofa doing basically nothing the whole time because we couldn’t connect the damn Wii.

6. Forgetting Basic Math and English Skills

I forgot how to count to four and Winter break only started four days ago.

By the time I go back to school I will probably struggle to write my own name.

Hentaihaven Was Shut Down – Updated + Updated Again

Updated A Couple Hours Later: The speculation period is over, HH is down for the count. I don’t know if the message on the site will stay up for too long so here’s a screenshot to remember it by:

Hentaihaven was a gamechanger for subbed hentai. But after so many other sites have risen to compete, it has done its purpose and can rest knowing that the future of high-quality anime delivery to people outside of Japan is safe.

I’d like to give my sincerest thanks to the Hentaihaven team for making such a fantastic community and bringing about a revolution in how people get their hentai fix.

I also beg to differ from the message a tiny bit. This is a happy ending, and it’s been such a fun ride. I think I speak for the whole Hentaihaven community (AKA: people who just wanted a good fap) when I say that we are sincerely grateful for everything. We couldn’t have asked for more.

….Well, except the damn store could’ve been open longer, because I just wanted a shirt or something to have as memo, damnit.

Sayonara! (And happy holidays.)

Also, I dig the cake.


Alright, so Fakku and Hentaihaven are gonna join forces.

I swear Zom is just trolling us at this point.


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I had just finished my finals. I was looking forwards to just me, Hentaihaven, and a ton of stress being taken off my shoulders. No biggee.

But it was gone.

The store is down. The site is down. The Twitter account is down.

Hentaihaven was wiped out overnight.

Online communities have been dying. YouTube is absolute shit, Tumblr ignored a vast majority of its users—What makes Hentaihaven matter in the midst of this bullshit?

Because I was gonna fucking use it goddamnit!

Currently everything is just rumors. This article will be updated every time something new comes out, so just bookmark this page and check it every day for the next week or something, because the speculation will only continue to grow.

Here are the current theories.


SESTA-FOSTA is a threat to online communities like Wikipedia and many social media sites.

It works under the guise of punishing sex traffickers, and it sucks at its job.

The summary is that the owners of online communities must either A) Take the hit for their user’s actions or B) Stop free online speech.

Companies have to balance between these two extremes, and that can come at the price of censorship (think Tumblr) or faulty attempts to fix problems (think YouTube’s algorithms and Tumblr’s porn-finding bot).

Zom’s Fursuit Debt

(This is an April Fool’s joke from last year. If you actually take this seriously you are stupid.)

Hosting Problems

Hentaihaven is worth a lot of money.

And on the same note, it also costs a lot of money.

On average, a 22 minute video at 720 p would be about 70 mbs.

The site simply could’ve fallen into disrepair.

Sold Off

There is some discrepancy in this theory because the official Whois lookup for says the domain expires in 2019 while another says that the site was auctioned for $11,573 from and that it will expire in 2025.

This could mean A) The site was actually sold and will be up again sometime soon by someone else. It will most likely be a pay-to-watch business and no longer be the Hentaihaven we love. B) This is just a rumor.

Copyright Issues and Legal Trouble

Remember when the loli tag got removed?

It could be the same thing, just applied to the whole fucking site.

Remember to contact me if you find out any new information!


  • Discord Screenshot

My Anti-People Bubble (And That Time I Got a Ton of Anime Goods)

This post should take about 23 minutes to read (get a cup of coffee and some Pocky). This is one of my largest posts, so there’ll be a slight delay before the next one.

I’m your average self-loathing Freshman.

High school is big, which I thought meant I wouldn’t need to interact with as many people on a day-to-day basis.

I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

A major assumption I made when evaluating my chances of meeting people was that the size of the campus would make it so that I would meet less people.

High school is like a minefield, but the minefields are prone to explode at any time, and instead of mines it’s actually just a lot of socially and mentally unstable people.

You don’t know who is gonna dye their hair crazy colors, go emo, or become emotional over trivial things. One day you’re safe, the next you are getting caught in the explosion.

An actual thing that happened

A few months ago I was randomly confronted by an extroverted person I had been texting on Instagram for shits and giggles. As it turns out, they had gone through many, many phases since the last time I caught a glimpse of them in middle school.

Extroverts are a nightmare when navigating the high school minefield because they are like a magnet that pulls mines out of the ground to create a super-duper-dangerous zone. Even worse, this magnet follows people seemingly at random.

Being me, I went with the most logical route: to send extroverts away to get back to my normal, worry-free life.

Sometimes I get dragged out of my anti-people bench during lunch and thrown into perilous situations that usually involve awkward “yeah-I’m-eating-my-lunch-as-I-sit-next-to-you-because-I-don’t-want-to-interact” scenarios.

Analysis and dissection of awkward extroverts

Upon closer inspection I realized that my relationship-ruining life-draining parasite was pretty socially awkward and just gifted/cursed with the natural tendency to attract people. And so that’s where I attacked them, albeit unintentionally.

Plan: I actively refuse to talk.

As it turns out, there is a lot of horribly bad chemistry between a misanthropic introvert and a hard-to-understand extrovert.

Rude-phoneMy refusal to talk resulted in most conversations being initiated by them via an Instagram DM.

This evened out the ground and put both of us at a disadvantage. A key phrase that gets tossed around by extroverts trying to get me to do something for them is, “you’re smart”.

But I’m not “smart”. People who actually know me would know that. The only reason to call a stranger “smart” is because you want to butter them up.

I’m pretty good at making conversations awkward, but I usually just roll with the other person’s clear lack of knowledge about me and go along with what they want.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The worst that could happen

I’ve been pulled into too many inconsistent long-term projects in the past couple months due to my “just roll with it” attitude. I can’t possibly go over all of them, so I’ll leave it at that.

Biting off more than I can chew has been extremely damaging to this site.

However, I’ve finally managed to start revamping some of the design and meekly kicking at some old projects to try and revive them, but I’m not in the clear yet. But you probably don’t care about about the behind-the-scenes stuff, so here’s the great big announcement: I’m finally posting more often.

Current Projects:

  • Working on a video game thing I was supposed to release right now but I haven’t touched it in the past couple weeks so I’m sorta fucked.
  • Finding a way to host video off-site but without the need to worry about stupid ads interfering.
  • Reuploading web serials from 2016-2017 to pay homage to this site’s roots. Also, I have had zero creative juices the past 6 months and have been unable to write new fiction so I’m hoping editing and proofreading over 16,000 words of web serials will reawaken by writing ability.

Since my posts have been rather lackluster I’ve decided to make this subsection filled with excuses to clear up everything but I don’t know what to call it so I’ll just make this paragraph the header for it instead.

Backend scripting and troubleshooting is Procrastinator’s Heaven

There’s nothing better than getting stumped trying to solve a useless minor problem to divert attention from important things like creating content.

I tried to make an anonymous message board, which ended up flopping after some security issues. It was really booming, and it came to a close overnight without warning. I have the files all backed up, so if I ever get back to it, I can.

It doesn’t help that the name of the message board ticked off my school’s IT department and got the attention of people all the way in Los Angeles to sneak into the site only to cause mess that took 2 days to clean up.

That’s two days I’m never getting back.

I still have a life

By ‘life’ I mean things I am obligated to do. (eg: Homework, eating, sleeping, school stuff).

My work ethic needs to change. I need to enjoy the sweet abyss of sleep, experience the bliss of writing in a quiet peaceful room once more, and to enjoy writing posts again. It doesn’t help that finals are happening in a couple days.

I’m also unironically typing all of this out with an overlooming assignment I have to finish in less than 24 hours.

I want to post more often

Here are some key traits of a WordPress blog that makes it to the Featured WordPress Reader:

  • Posts come out more than once a month.
  • The people running successful blogs see no problem with writing huge amounts of posts each week.

The obvious problem is the fact that I do none of these.

I have finals coming up in about two weeks scratch that, this is Neo One Day Before The Final interjecting Neo A Week Ago’s writing to tell you that I’m currently proofreading this post instead of studying for finals that happen in less than 14 hours.

Everything after this block was written 6 months ago.

The Very Fun Backstory

The story begins June 19, 2018. Exactly 8 days ago (from the time of writing) I made a bet with my friend that if I was able to keep over 100 followers on Instagram for a week in the span of a week (which is basically impossible due to assholes that unfollow people who reach 100), they’d buy me an anime body pillow.

Unsurprisingly, a stroke of luck befell me from the heavens. I went from 99 followers to 102 followers and didn’t dip back under 100. Great.


Anyways, there are going to be some packages coming my way now, and I’m terrified.

I’m terrified of what’s gonna happen about two weeks from now when some Amazon boxes with questionable material magically appear at our doorstep with ‘Enchoseon’ stamped all over them. Despite my parents knowing next to nothing about this site, they still know it’s called Enchoseon.

I’m Freaking Out

So I did some negotiating and convinced my friend to switch body pillow covers. At first we decided on a nice Aqua-in-pajamas pillow cover, but it turned out to be slightly over-budget. Sucks, I know.

See the source image

At first they were gonna send me a nice pillow cover of Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, but I panicked at the thought of my parents finding a loli anime cover.

I mean, I get that they hate what I like and actively show disdain, but an elementary schooler anime girl would not be good for the ever-growing amount of unspoken chaos.

And then we settled for Sagiri, who is 13 years old, who is much better than the 8 year-old Kanna.

See the source imageBut then, after thinking everything was done and dusted, we switched back to Aqua. And then to Sagiri. And then through a gajillion other characters.

Since the inner pillow is coming two weeks from now, the pillow covers won’t be ordered until a few days before the inner pillow arrives (to make them arrive in conjunction with each other), and during that time, they might go out of stock or something. So until then, we just made a list of different eligible pillow covers to avoid any problems—and there might be a discount on some of the more expensive ones, which is what we’re really waiting for.

Penny-Pinching and Super-Duper Scheming

Even though I don’t directly control whatever hellish surprise is coming my way, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the most bang out of our $75 $200 budget. Now, if this was a normal purchase, I’d just throw in my own $25 and call it a day, but this is not a normal purchase, and my friend and I are trying to figure out what the hell we are going to do.

Important Note: There was originally $75 $125 raised, but it was raised to $200 when we decided to do Operation Barrage. (More on that below.)

We had the longest chat over Instagram and it got to the point where we ended up making a list.

So let’s just contemplate the price of the inner pillow.

A regular inner pillow costs about $99, and we went for the most low-quality cheapest Chinese-bootleg we could find. Not very smart, but we didn’t have much of a choice.

Next, there are the pillowcases, which are supposed to be in the $45 area. We’re going to the good ol’ cheap Chinese mass-producers again, which reduces their prices to $20-$30.

The thing is, sending over a pillow isn’t enough. We need quantity to beat my parents, and if we can barrage them with a crapload of boxes, it’ll seem more intimidating than just two packages.

See the source image

We ended up crowdfunding the cash and got a $200 budget instead.

So with $200 bucks crowdfunded for a shitty reason and a very scary amount of incoming packages, the next two weeks will be interesting, to say the least.

Since most of this plan is about surprising me, I’m completely in the dark on what’s being sent. The only thing I get a say on is the body pillow because it’d suck to get a rash while I sleep. Also, I don’t want to look like a lolicon, so there’s that.

But I do know that there will be about six more items other than the inner pillow and dakimakura cover, which is hard to believe.

While it certainly feels like Christmas, since this entire scheme has a good chance of blowing up and wasting $200, it’s more like one of those cheesy Halloween-Christmas horror movies.

I Lost Money

Here’s my monthly spending:

Monthly Spending.png

I threw in $75 bucks to help pay off the costs for everything.

Let me reword that: I threw away $75 to screw myself.

So we didn’t really raise $200, we raised $125. But $200 sounds more intimidating, so I’ll just use that number instead.

One thing worth noting is that my friend already has an inner pillow, so if I had lost the bet I would’ve just paid $30-ish bucks for the outer cover and we wouldn’t have had this problem to begin with.

Operation Barrage/Gofundme

The Plan: Get lots of money and send lots of shit to my house in hopes that my parents won’t be able to confiscate all of it.

See the source image

We have some problems.

A) The cash was collected physically in big bills, which is stupid. It’s a physical scheme that was done with bikes and chocolate bars sold at double the price to random people. We called it a Gofundme as a joke, but it grew on us and ended up becoming a codename-thing instead.
B) I have a really bad, vital part in this plan.

So here’s the plan:
-Everybody else collects a shit ton of money | (Done)
-I get the money and exchange it for Amazon gift cards | (Not Done, Yet)
-I send $200 worth of Amazon gift cards to my friend, who will use their Amazon account to ruin my relationship with my parents | (Not Done, Yet)

The plan is really confusing.


So I asked my friend all of my questions.
-Why don’t I just buy the pillow?
-Why do I need to be the one to get the gift cards if I’ll just hand them back to you?

And these were the answers:
-To keep the mystery I’ll use my Amazon account.
-The cash isn’t safe with me.

I’ll be sending the gift codes by text while they’re chilling on the other side of the world in Japan. They’ll be leaving in a few days, and now we’re waiting for the last wads of cash to trickle in, so I have the responsibility of sending the cash to them in the form of Amazon Gift Cards.

My dream summer Japan trip never happened, so all of this makes me really jealous.

But the other half of this entire scheme is the part where I sneak out of my house and rush over to the nearest Albertsons to grab a bunch of Amazon gift cards and buy them all with a mysterious amount of cash that literally nobody should even be carrying.

To be fair, while everybody was working to raise the money, I was the one chilling in my house, sick in bed.

The First Trip

The first trip was not perfect or amazing. Rather, it was the complete opposite.

I left home on bike without my phone or watch, which was a stupid move because all my time estimates for the next trip are based on random guesses instead of actual evidence. Which means that my ’30-40 minutes’ estimate is probably off by a lot.

The first problem I had was with getting the bike out of the damn shed. I won’t go over everything, but the summary is that I had to pull out all of the bikes and scooters. And then a pedal of another bike got stuck in my wheel spokes and I spent a good amount of time wresting with everything.

When I finally started biking out of my house I was freaking out. I didn’t know how much time I wasted getting out the bike and I was trying to pedal at a dangerously fast speed in a neighborhood street filled with cars. All the bikes were splayed out around the shed in a mess, so I was worrying about how long it’d take for me to put them away.

So I, trying to be Sonic-fast because I’m an adrenaline-filled teenager with no sense of danger, decided to take a leap of faith 3 inches off the ground.


I was going pretty slow, and what happened was comparable to what you’d experience riding a crummy bumper car. If I had been going a bit slower I would’ve just used the tiny ramp, but I couldn’t brake on time.

And of course, my bike, having gone through through utter madness in the events at the shed, had the chain pop out. I immediately noticed that none of my pedaling was doing anything and that I was drifting to the other side of the street with the force of gravity while my legs pedaled worthlessly.

I dragged my bike over to the other side and realized what had happened. Feeling pretty pissed, I muttered a few things and the lady walking her dog on the other side of the street decided that I was dangerous (most likely from my incessant under-the-breath muttering), so she slowed down and let her poodle walk in front of her as some sort of guard dog.

I tugged the chain back onto the chain ring using my noodley arms and continued on my path as the chains clicked and clacked back into place for the first few seconds.

In retrospect, I probably looked like a druggie or runaway, or maybe some mix of the two, so that lady’s response was probably normal.

Anyways, I made it to the Albertsons and spent a few minutes looking for the gift cards frantically. I went all the way from the back to the front of the store to find an employee who pointed me to the gift cards, which were conveniently placed by the second entrance to the building. The only reason I hadn’t found them was because they were near the wine section, and I was already rushing around on a bike with nothing except sweatpants with one of those closeable pouches and a tight sweaty t-shirt, so sneaking around the wine section probably would’ve gotten me kicked out.

Once I picked up my gift cards I hurried over the the only cashier open and joined what was probably the most anxiety-inducing line I had been in that entire summer.

I almost worked up the nerve to ask someone for the time, but I realized I didn’t even know what time I had left, so I decided against it. I wriggled around nervously in my shoes.

Once I reached the cashier, I pulled out the wad of moola and bought the cards. I also went and bought a small box of Werther’s caramels (my favorite candy) because they were only a buck and seventy-five cents.

See the source image

The box is currently sitting in my desk, still wrapped in plastic because I haven’t gotten around to eating them yet. What a waste.

I jumped on my bike, which was tilted over into a planter, and started going all the way back home. Of course, I forgot to pick up my change of three bucks because I forgot about the Werthers. After getting my change in one of those awkward “oh-yeah-my-three-bucks-gee-thanks” conversations, I began the trek back home.

I managed to get home sweatier than I had ever been the entire summer and took a much-needed bath.

I later sent the codes to my friend, brushed my teeth, and conked out. It was a successful trip.

Pre-Second Trip Jitters

Another day has passed, and I have yet to find an opening to exchange the next batch of money for gift cards.

Right now my friend is trying to cancel an inner pillow order because it’s too untrustworthy, even for sleazy Chinese bootleg.

If the inner pillow order cancellation works we’ll still need to order a different, less-untrustworthy sleazy Chinese bootleg. Heck, I have my suspicions that almost everything on Amazon is Chinese bootleg.


It would’ve been better to use Jlist or some other website specialized in high-quality Japan-imported items rather than fraudulent Amazon sellers, but of course, neither of us has a credit or debit card. Just splendid.

With the plan relying on a probably-shitty Amazon seller and the tiny shred of hope that I can make even more random people walking their dogs think I’m a druggie/runaway, both of us are on the edge of our seats.

However, my seat is literal and right behind my laptop and my friend’s seat is figurative since they’re probably having a good night’s sleep after another fun day in Japan.

The Second Trip

So here’s the updated checklist.

-Everybody else collects a shit ton of money | (Done)
-I get the money and exchange it for Amazon gift cards | (Done)
-I send $200 worth of Amazon gift cards to my friend, who will use their Amazon account to ruin my relationship with my parents | (Done)
-Disappoint my parents! | (Almost done, yay!)

The trip was pretty well. I also timed it and found out it only took 20 minutes.

The shed still pissed me off, but it was relatively faster since I knew that I had to take out all of the bikes before dragging out my own.

After leaving my bike hidden behind a planter in an area that is a favorite smoking spot for many of the local residents of the parking lot, I dashed over to the Albertsons and picked up a $100 and $25 Amazon gift card.

The cashier told me I was a “true baller.” She was damn right, but what she didn’t know was that all of that money was not going to my grandma or to be spent on expensive watches, Instead, it was going to be wasted for the shittiest reason on the face of the planet, asides from building a wall with such negative connotation that it carries with it a xenophobic aura.

After buying the gift cards, the nagging thoughts at the back of my head finally rose to full power.

See the source imageFirstly, I can trust them to buy the weirdest shit that’ll disappoint my parents.

Secondly, I can trust my parents to think that I spent the whole $200 and bitch about it for the next month.

Update From Neo 6 Months in The Future: Yeah, I prophesied this one, except it’s been 6 months and they still haven’t given up.

Thirdly, I can trust Amazon to goof up and send everything out of order.

Also, the new arrival times are July 10 through August 16, and holy shit, that’s coming up in 13 days (from the time of writing.)

I’m not sure if the number thirteen is a bad omen.

All I know so far is that there are 8 items coming to my house between July 10th and August 13, which is scary because all that I know is that they’ll be anime-themed. Which is not good for non-anime-otaku parents who probably won’t approve.


This situation would’ve been better if I had done the bet with a non-anime-otaku friend because the wager would’ve just been something simple and common like candies or mints or hard drugs or nuclear warheads.

But of course, I did do the bet with my anime-otaku friend, and they decided to theme the plan around destabilizing my already-fragile relationship with my parents.

Absolutely wonderful.

July 3rd:

As it turns out, I’m three days away from the start of the worst day of this week.

I thought that I had at least another week before all hell broke loose, but I was wrong.

My short grace period has come to an abrupt end and now I only have a few days to pace around worriedly in my room before I disappoint my parents and get disowned.


The next part of this post will probably be the part where I jump over to when I get the first package or something.

The Part Where I Was Supposed to Jump Over to the First Package or Something But Didn’t

July 5th
My piggy bank was dealt a crippling blow when I gave away my $75. I was planning on spending the next couple months to recover all of it, but something urgent happened.

So the problem started when I was using my “unlimited” data. Which, contrary to literally everything I’ve heard about my dad’s data plan, is not actually unlimited. There was a 2 gig limit. Long-story short, I screwed myself.

My room is far from the router. So after I found that the “unlimited” data was faster than the crappy wi-fi, I decided to load my YouTube videos on data. At the time, I was watching Fl Studio 12 tutorials, which meant that I was burning through multiple videos in those long tutorial playlists.

I also decided to download my manga off MangaRocks so I sorta used 8 gigs of data from that alone. Since this was a new phone everything needed to be updated/installed I just let the stuff do its thing on data so that it’d be faster. (The wi-fi to my room sometimes cuts out randomly.)

I’m screwed.


The first item was supposed to arrive on July 6, on a Friday.

However, it didn’t actually arrive.

Luckily, another item, which wasn’t given a shipping time because the shipping wasn’t given a “Track Me” option, arrived on that same Friday anyways.

But my mom took the package and opened it up. Of course, nobody actually told me the mail had came (even though I had been looking out the window for a long time) so I went to sleep that Friday feeling utterly disappointed.

Then on Saturday, I got my package, pre-opened thanks to my curious parents. I was beyond pissed (I even told my them about the mail and not to open it beforehand and they still opened it), but now I have a kawaii Sagiri figure on my shelf.

However, I don’t understand how people can screw up “Don’t open the box” with “Open the box.”

All the other items arrived over the course of a month.


Okay, so this part is writtin by Present-Day Neo from December 2018. Welcome back.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I paid for self-hosting the site. The plan was to give my dad $15 each month to pay off self-hosting.
  2. My mom decided to check my money reserve and said I was missing $200 even though I was only missing $75 (from the anime goods scheme).
  3. My dad forced me to pay for a whole year’s worth of self-hosting all at once, draining the rest of my money in an instant.
  4. My parents teamed up to accuse me of spending my own $200 on the anime goods.
  5. It’s been six months and my mom still won’t stop bugging me with, “admit the truth” and “stop telling lies about those figurines.”

This was a weird super-long bloggy post, which is extremely different than what you’re probably used to reading on this site.

Thanks for reading everything up to this point, and I’ll see you in the next post.

Cyborgs and The Confusingness of Sex

This post was originally posted on June 24, 2018. I edited it to be more SFW.

When a piece of your body breaks, you can die. If enough parts of your car breaks, it’ll be scrapped. However, you can get away with something like a few bumps and minor scratches.

This is like getting a cut or fracturing a bone.

Heavily Dented Car

However, if your engine explodes, you’re screwed. We can compare this to your heart failing or your spine being snapped in half.

Burning Car

Then there is the midpoint: Having an injury that affects your daily life or being almost/nearly dead.

When this happens we either A) Continue living by supporting what’s missing with something usually worse or B) Disconnect from life support.

And then there is C) Replace the broken part with something that’s actually better.

See the source image

On December 3rd, 1967, Lewis Washkansky became the first human to get a heart transplant. This was awesome, but the immune system suppression drugs made him die from double pneumonia in 18 days.

However, the heart worked fine until his lungs failed, so this was the beginning of some pretty neat shit.

It was the idea of replacing body parts.

The current transplants are only replacements, not upgrades, so we have a long way to go before we can get better replacements.

Cybernetics is One of Our Best Shots at Life-Extension

When you age, every part of your body is falling apart.

Genetic engineering is a wonderful idea to combat all of this, but it raises lots of moral flags. I don’t know what the moral flags are, but people get really pissed at it so we’ll have to wait until a catastrophic event forces the creation of designer babies while the rest of humanity melts into a puddle.

In the meantime, we can replace our deteriorating parts. Cybernetics is our best shot at immortality without pissing off too many human rights groups.

Genos Looking Badass

I call dibs on laser fists.

A Future with Cyborgs

Let’s skip over to a future where people can replace parts of their body on a whim. Or maybe we’ll have a dreamy utopia.

Point is, we’ll be less susceptible to disease, and overall moral will be higher, yadayadayada.

All of this sounds wonderful, but that doesn’t mean current countries lack the firepower. China is already powering ahead everybody else, especially in the AI arms race.

If a superpower like China got cybernetic citizens, they’d have longer-living and stronger workers in their communist society.

Here’s China’s current supremacy, without cyborg intervention:

See the source image

However, China isn’t just doing well in cybernetics. They’re also pushing ahead with genetic editing, which puts them even further ahead everyone else.

I better start learning Mandarin.

What Happens to Doctors?

This new tech will in theory stop lots of problems with organic material, but we’re still very weak and easily kill-able creatures. And besides, the cybernetic implants won’t be indestructible, either, so we’ll still need someone to fix those when they break.

Will There Be a Crazy New Super-Powerful Rich Class?

Maybe at the beginning.

But people will always find a way to get shit they want. That means robbing rich people for money to cover the costs of modification, or creating a start-up specialized in making widely available cybernetic modification possible.

There’s no limit to what people would do to become near-immortal cyborgs, we are fool-hardy creatures, and we’ll just need another Elon Musk to delve into cybernetics.

But what we are all thinking about is that movie where people who can’t pay for their organs get killed by the government.

But Hey, Who Cares?

Let’s get to the best part of this post already!

Endless. Mounds. Of. Sex.

Cute Cyborg Girl

With cybernetic parts, people would be able to have sex for fun (by replacing some parts of the reproductive system or giving it an on-off switch), and we’d also be able to help solve the possible overpopulation problem that could arise. This doesn’t really solve HIV or AIDs, but it’d still be a game-changer.

For example, enforcing a “waiting period” for sex could slow down the growth that could arise from having long-living people.

Now that we’re getting into the part where we can have 100% safe sex without getting sterilized, you should know where I’m going with this.

Cyborg Orgies

Current Era Sex
Sex isn’t safe unless you’ve been sterilized. Having lots of sex is unethical because you’ll probably get STDs.

Cyborg Era Sex
In the future, having sex doesn’t really need to be frowned upon anymore. There is much less danger involved with it. This means that some new social norms are in place. In the Cyborg Future, sex will be completely clean and safe (when done correctly.)

Bunny Girl

The new social norms for new children might be based around some sort of “injection” or “adoption” system. For example, there could be some sort of complicated paperwork required to “activate” the required sexual organs for a month.

Or maybe sex won’t even be a thing. But I’m an optimist, so I’m not going down that route.

Or maybe we’ll just have one weird polygamous society similar to all of my Stardew Valley game saves.

See the source image

The new social norms might be something like this:

Clean up your messes.
Please avoid making too much noise. If needed, get soundproofing boards. Or use a big-ass closet.
Ask for the last time your partner checked for STDs.
Be mindful of others when having public sex (ex: do not block pathways.)
Technology is so advanced you don’t even need to be a cyborg to get safe sexual pleasure anymore.

Useless Knowledge

A person who lived through The Great Depression will tell their kids to get stable jobs above all else.

A person who lost a ton of money in the Dot Com crisis or Bitcoin burst will tell their kids to never dabble in stocks or bitcoin.

But this information may go obsolete before the kids even graduate.

See the source image

The Cyborg Generation will be completely different than Gen X, Y, or Z; which will undoubtedly cause lots of problems.

The Confusingness of Sexual Reproduction

Sex is one of the biggest evolutionary scandals we’ve ever faced.

People have been trying to wrap their heads around why such an ineffective way of reproduction has managed to infest itself into so many organisms.

Firstly, you need two organisms. And then you need to take the sperm and connect it with the egg, which is also hard. The energy requirements for intercourse and the fact that you are completely open for attack during intercourse sounds pretty bad.

If two cavepeople having sex were attacked by a boar, they’d die. Of course, we don’t have to worry about spontaneous boar attacks anymore, but the reasons for sex are still mucky and confusing.

We Don’t Know Why It Evolved

Lots of people have tried doing different experiments with asexual and sexual organisms to see which for. of reproduction was “better” at making stronger genes, which is what life is supposed to do.

The general consensus of the results in that there is no general consensus.

We don’t know why some prehistoric animals have been asexually reproducing in many super-harsh environments with very strong genes while other organisms flat-out fail.

The only thing we can make out of the information is that sexual reproduction is better at creating more variations of genes, which sounds better than asexual reproduction where the offspring usually carries all of the bad traits from the parent. But keep in mind that most of the genetic code passed down through sexual reproduction is fragmented into useless modules which has a chance of reacting with each other and creating long-term problems. All of this is 7th grade science.

Sexual Reproduction Pros
-Results in genetic diversity
Sexual Reproduction Cons
-Fragmented genetic code passed down can react and cause long-term inherited problems that appear seemingly at random.
-Requires two organisms to be open for attack for a duration of time.

Asexual Reproduction Pros
-Less energy is required because only one parent is needed
Asexual Reproduction Cons
-Children inherit the parent’s genes exactly, giving them the same weaknesses their predecessor had.

So far we only have theories to why sex exists. One big theory is that sex is a way a species races against it’s inevitable demise. However, sex isn’t supposed to help an entire species, it just inadvertently does that when it strengthens the offspring.

Why Cyborg Sex Might Not Actually Be Cool As I Want

It’d be in our best interests to give all people cybernetics ASAP because an unmodified person would be more likely to die than a cyborg. And cyborgs would be more useful to society because we wouldn’t have to worry about dying as much. In fact, part of their health would be based off how much parts they could buy, which means that most cyborgs would be upper-to-middle-class workers.

So if some entrepreneur were to make this all happen, my dream of a Cyborg Future would be complete, and all of those social norms I mentioned would have the chance to come true if the previous generations abandoned their practices.

However, the possibility that my cyborg sex part of this dream future society will happen isn’t very high.

But a future where people are healthier and longer-living is very much possible, and that’s definitely something to be excited about.

The orgy? Not so much, but you probably clicked on this post to read about that, didn’t you?

I Gave Someone Their Own Website


  1. I gave a test subject a domain ([redacted] and an email ([redacted]
  2. I also set up their Content Management System (I chose Joomla for them).
  3. If the subject breaks any rules they will lose the domain.

The Rules:

– Do not buy any plugins.
– Get more than 17 unique visitors per week.
– Any inorganic traffic or backlinks will result in the site being revoked.
– If you screw up the site royally you have 5 strikes before you’re out. (White screen of death, too many redirects, etc.)
– Do not change the file storage location.
– Do not upload more than 500 mb of stuff.

Saturday – November 17

Alright, so I just finished the domain and everything. They have a trustworthy SSL certificate, a good self-hosting plan, and plenty of time to plan. Right now they’re on a cruise to Mexico, so they won’t be doing anything yet. Any hits they get until Monday will not count.

Quota: 1/17 (from me!)

Sunday – November 18


Nothing has happened. Except now I’m sick.

Quota: 1/17

Monday – November 19

The countdown starts today.

Also, nothing has happened and now my throat hurts like shit.

Quota: 1/17

Tuesday – November 20

A shocking a new development: My throat is absolutely horrible and I couldn’t even sleep last night.

Also, the subject has made their first post.

Here it is (the stuff in bold in the footnotes3 are my comments (click on them to reveal the message inside.)


The truth about phones these days

As technology continues to become more and more powerful, so had the companies that make these mobile devices, which means, the prices of these phones will also start growing too. But, companies like Oneplus, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi somehow manage to keep to their prices low for their phones, meanwhile the companies like Apple and Samsung keeps putting their prices higher and higher but is still on the top of the market share. 2

“Why is this?” you may be asking. and “How?”. How do these companies keep their prices so low and make their machines almost as powerful as desktop machines at a fraction of the price, while companies like Apple have a fraction of the performances of these phones and their prices several times of the prices of the other other companies 3 but still staying on the top of the market.

The answer isn’t just that easy to understand so here is some insight before we start. Apple who’s founder is Steve Jobs made the first smartphones. These phones were so much more advanced compared to the blackberry and Motorola phones that didn’t feature a touchscreen. Those were apples golden ages. 4 But, soon other companies started rising up by adding to the features the original iPhones had which caused a lot of competition. While times were tense, Steve Jobs had passed away leaving Apple in a hurry to take over Apple. 5 Not long after, Tim Cook took in the place of Steve Jobs place. 6 This Tim guy had a quite different attitude to doing business. Apple soon cared mainly about profit over anything else which caused a major downfall in their quality like in 2014 the iPhone 6 that had launched was bending and there was the iOS 10 incident where apple purposely made the software drain the battery forcing Apple customers to get a new battery therefore increasing their profits. 7Soon after they took out the headphone jack out of their phones AND NOT INCLUDING AN ADAPTER IN THE BOX. Not only that their adapter are ridiculously costly and the quality wasn’t even all that good. But why does Oneplus over there have a phone with a price so low, includes a fast charger has an octacore cpu, 8 gigs of ram, A DONGLE IN THE BOX (talking to you Apple) 8, and still half the price of and Iphone. That is because of advertising. Companies like Oneplus don’t do advertising like Apple does. Oneplus makes the super powerful machines at a super low price allowing people like me advertise for these devices. This price is what makes  Oneplus, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi still survive and thrive in the industry. But how does Apple still take up a lot of the market. That is also having to do with advertising because apple always have these celebrities use their phones while putting them on the big screen which attracts a lot of attention which makes more people want to buy it. But never the less, if you are a iPhone use right now, maybe for your next phone, pick up an Oneplus, Xiaomi or Huawei. And remember always stay curious.

Follow me on social media. [Link redacted]

It’s his first blog post with zero views, and he’s already plugging his Instagram rather than fixing the countless grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I rarely abide by the rules of writing myself, but slight readability is a requirement for a blog post.

Here are the current stats:

All the views from November 19 were from my devices and his Instagram self-promo only got one click (from me.)

I tried to analyze his writing with a fellow blogger’s using this tool, which is NOT comprehensive, but it’s fun to see how your paper ranks against famous poems.

His blog post got a 52.77 on the Flesch reading ease test, which is between “Fairly Difficult to Read” and “Difficult to Read”. For comparison, the median of all of my posts on quantum mechanics and neuroscience is 51.88.

Quota: 2/17

Saturday – November 24

The subject has not logged into the admin panel for the past couple days.

I think they missed my message telling them they were really far from the quota.

Oh well.

Quota: 2/17

Monday – November 26

So they got 0 views, but I lied to them and said they got 12 to make them feel better.

Quota: 2+Bonus 10/17

Delete button on keyboard

Blogging is hard, but ruining someone’s day is not.