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“As the credits rolled, I had not accomplished much of anything for the population of this dystopian city-state, but I’d helped out a few pals and made some changes of my own. For me, that was all I needed” – Some dude from IGN accidentally making a quote that summarizes my life ethos.

I’m Neo, the guy who does all of the posts and other stuff that keeps this site in a state of perpetual chaos.Ugly Selfie

The ingredients for writing an Enchoseon post are as such: My desktop, some Paganini or Tchaikovsky, an icey cup of Arizona Green Tea, and some goddamn peace—All of which are so hard to get at the same time that it takes a week (or month) to make a post.

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Disclaimer: Everything after this line is like stepping through an unstable portal.

My about page if I was a parent-talking-about-parenting blog

A geeky dad with 2 amazing daughters. Happy father and husband, (learning) golfer, proud wearer of white sneakers, advocate of beige shorts, tall white socks supporter, professional pun-teller, lover of naps on the couch, and great at going to the store for a pack of cigarettes and never coming back.

My about page if I was a radical feminist raking in thousands of dollars each month from Patreon for making misandric rants on a shitty podcast

Neo is interested in various modern humanist and societal problems concerning young females and the hedgmonized men who torment them. He supports the inculcation of cultural feminism and is a level 5 vegan who refuses to eat anything that casts a shadow.

Neo leads today’s youth forwards with pro-women novels that stress the importance of the fact that women are far better than men because they are gentle and caring creatures, something that the masculine testosterone-filled masses lack the capability of. He has done a plethora of pieces on minimalism, self-help, dieting, and Neo-Nazi movements. Sieg Heil!

My about page if I was an attention-craver who liked complaining about things in a cryptic manner

Ughhhhhhhhh. This is the last straw. I am DONE with dating stuck-up nobodies.

Also, here are my hobbies: Telling everybody about how I finished my essay, telling everybody about how I’m going to the gym, telling everybody about my weekend with my bff and then proceeding to tag them (wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I do this every single week.)

You will experience the joy of seeing literally every single meal I eat on social media.

My about page if I was a slightly-lewd Tumblr artist trying to find a safe spot to do post my drawings because Tumblr is shit

My DMs are always open and I’d love if you gave me feedback!
See ya! ~ w ~)

My about page if I was a blogger (re)posting political content

Hello! I’m Neo.

I enjoy speaking about my thoughts and prayers every single time a tragedy occurs so that I look like an adult. If you win then everything is obviously rigged against me. Also, California should get subducted under a tectonic plate faster because too many Democrats live there.

Ben Shapiro is not real.

Things I Like

(This list is updated every time I get a hyperfixation on something useless)

  • (waitbutwhy’s inferior brother)
  • (it’s a fun game)