Cyborgs and The Confusingness of Sex

This post was originally posted on June 24, 2018. I edited it to be more SFW.

When a piece of your body breaks, you can die. If enough parts of your car breaks, it’ll be scrapped. However, you can get away with something like a few bumps and minor scratches.

This is like getting a cut or fracturing a bone.

Heavily Dented Car

However, if your engine explodes, you’re screwed. We can compare this to your heart failing or your spine being snapped in half.

Burning Car

Then there is the midpoint: Having an injury that affects your daily life or being almost/nearly dead.

When this happens we either A) Continue living by supporting what’s missing with something usually worse or B) Disconnect from life support.

And then there is C) Replace the broken part with something that’s actually better.

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On December 3rd, 1967, Lewis Washkansky became the first human to get a heart transplant. This was awesome, but the immune system suppression drugs made him die from double pneumonia in 18 days.

However, the heart worked fine until his lungs failed, so this was the beginning of some pretty neat shit.

It was the idea of replacing body parts.

The current transplants are only replacements, not upgrades, so we have a long way to go before we can get better replacements.

Cybernetics is One of Our Best Shots at Life-Extension

When you age, every part of your body is falling apart.

Genetic engineering is a wonderful idea to combat all of this, but it raises lots of moral flags. I don’t know what the moral flags are, but people get really pissed at it so we’ll have to wait until a catastrophic event forces the creation of designer babies while the rest of humanity melts into a puddle.

In the meantime, we can replace our deteriorating parts. Cybernetics is our best shot at immortality without pissing off too many human rights groups.

Genos Looking Badass

I call dibs on laser fists.

A Future with Cyborgs

Let’s skip over to a future where people can replace parts of their body on a whim. Or maybe we’ll have a dreamy utopia.

Point is, we’ll be less susceptible to disease, and overall moral will be higher, yadayadayada.

All of this sounds wonderful, but that doesn’t mean current countries lack the firepower. China is already powering ahead everybody else, especially in the AI arms race.

If a superpower like China got cybernetic citizens, they’d have longer-living and stronger workers in their communist society.

Here’s China’s current supremacy, without cyborg intervention:

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However, China isn’t just doing well in cybernetics. They’re also pushing ahead with genetic editing, which puts them even further ahead everyone else.

I better start learning Mandarin.

What Happens to Doctors?

This new tech will in theory stop lots of problems with organic material, but we’re still very weak and easily kill-able creatures. And besides, the cybernetic implants won’t be indestructible, either, so we’ll still need someone to fix those when they break.

Will There Be a Crazy New Super-Powerful Rich Class?

Maybe at the beginning.

But people will always find a way to get shit they want. That means robbing rich people for money to cover the costs of modification, or creating a start-up specialized in making widely available cybernetic modification possible.

There’s no limit to what people would do to become near-immortal cyborgs, we are fool-hardy creatures, and we’ll just need another Elon Musk to delve into cybernetics.

But what we are all thinking about is that movie where people who can’t pay for their organs get killed by the government.

But Hey, Who Cares?

Let’s get to the best part of this post already!

Endless. Mounds. Of. Sex.

Cute Cyborg Girl

With cybernetic parts, people would be able to have sex for fun (by replacing some parts of the reproductive system or giving it an on-off switch), and we’d also be able to help solve the possible overpopulation problem that could arise. This doesn’t really solve HIV or AIDs, but it’d still be a game-changer.

For example, enforcing a “waiting period” for sex could slow down the growth that could arise from having long-living people.

Now that we’re getting into the part where we can have 100% safe sex without getting sterilized, you should know where I’m going with this.

Cyborg Orgies

Current Era Sex
Sex isn’t safe unless you’ve been sterilized. Having lots of sex is unethical because you’ll probably get STDs.

Cyborg Era Sex
In the future, having sex doesn’t really need to be frowned upon anymore. There is much less danger involved with it. This means that some new social norms are in place. In the Cyborg Future, sex will be completely clean and safe (when done correctly.)

Bunny Girl

The new social norms for new children might be based around some sort of “injection” or “adoption” system. For example, there could be some sort of complicated paperwork required to “activate” the required sexual organs for a month.

Or maybe sex won’t even be a thing. But I’m an optimist, so I’m not going down that route.

Or maybe we’ll just have one weird polygamous society similar to all of my Stardew Valley game saves.

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The new social norms might be something like this:

Clean up your messes.
Please avoid making too much noise. If needed, get soundproofing boards. Or use a big-ass closet.
Ask for the last time your partner checked for STDs.
Be mindful of others when having public sex (ex: do not block pathways.)
Technology is so advanced you don’t even need to be a cyborg to get safe sexual pleasure anymore.

Useless Knowledge

A person who lived through The Great Depression will tell their kids to get stable jobs above all else.

A person who lost a ton of money in the Dot Com crisis or Bitcoin burst will tell their kids to never dabble in stocks or bitcoin.

But this information may go obsolete before the kids even graduate.

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The Cyborg Generation will be completely different than Gen X, Y, or Z; which will undoubtedly cause lots of problems.

The Confusingness of Sexual Reproduction

Sex is one of the biggest evolutionary scandals we’ve ever faced.

People have been trying to wrap their heads around why such an ineffective way of reproduction has managed to infest itself into so many organisms.

Firstly, you need two organisms. And then you need to take the sperm and connect it with the egg, which is also hard. The energy requirements for intercourse and the fact that you are completely open for attack during intercourse sounds pretty bad.

If two cavepeople having sex were attacked by a boar, they’d die. Of course, we don’t have to worry about spontaneous boar attacks anymore, but the reasons for sex are still mucky and confusing.

We Don’t Know Why It Evolved

Lots of people have tried doing different experiments with asexual and sexual organisms to see which for. of reproduction was “better” at making stronger genes, which is what life is supposed to do.

The general consensus of the results in that there is no general consensus.

We don’t know why some prehistoric animals have been asexually reproducing in many super-harsh environments with very strong genes while other organisms flat-out fail.

The only thing we can make out of the information is that sexual reproduction is better at creating more variations of genes, which sounds better than asexual reproduction where the offspring usually carries all of the bad traits from the parent. But keep in mind that most of the genetic code passed down through sexual reproduction is fragmented into useless modules which has a chance of reacting with each other and creating long-term problems. All of this is 7th grade science.

Sexual Reproduction Pros
-Results in genetic diversity
Sexual Reproduction Cons
-Fragmented genetic code passed down can react and cause long-term inherited problems that appear seemingly at random.
-Requires two organisms to be open for attack for a duration of time.

Asexual Reproduction Pros
-Less energy is required because only one parent is needed
Asexual Reproduction Cons
-Children inherit the parent’s genes exactly, giving them the same weaknesses their predecessor had.

So far we only have theories to why sex exists. One big theory is that sex is a way a species races against it’s inevitable demise. However, sex isn’t supposed to help an entire species, it just inadvertently does that when it strengthens the offspring.

Why Cyborg Sex Might Not Actually Be Cool As I Want

It’d be in our best interests to give all people cybernetics ASAP because an unmodified person would be more likely to die than a cyborg. And cyborgs would be more useful to society because we wouldn’t have to worry about dying as much. In fact, part of their health would be based off how much parts they could buy, which means that most cyborgs would be upper-to-middle-class workers.

So if some entrepreneur were to make this all happen, my dream of a Cyborg Future would be complete, and all of those social norms I mentioned would have the chance to come true if the previous generations abandoned their practices.

However, the possibility that my cyborg sex part of this dream future society will happen isn’t very high.

But a future where people are healthier and longer-living is very much possible, and that’s definitely something to be excited about.

The orgy? Not so much, but you probably clicked on this post to read about that, didn’t you?

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