Existential Questions

Existential questions are loads of fun because when humanity has nothing else to do we might as well come back to them.

What is the True Nature of Reality?


  • We are held back by our own perception.
  • Everything we think we know is our own mental construction. The way we see the world is heavily blurred and corrupted.
  • Our apparatus, bodies, and minds cannot sense or comprehend certain things.

What Are Human’s Limits?


  • We’d like to think human creativity and brainpower is infinite, but even our brains have limits. We just don’t know what they are.
  • Modding our brains with Brain Machine Interfaces to make human’s information bandwidth fast as computers is great, but now this leads into the next question…

What Makes Us Human?


  • How much of “us” do we need to change before we stop being ourselves?
  • Our we our minds? Bodies? Both? If I lose a limb or go through something traumatic am I still me?

What is “Good”?


  • Every time we do something “good” does something “bad” happens?
  • Are “good” and “bad” non-universal concepts?

What is the Purpose and Worth of Life?


  • What do we measure in all living things to figure out their worth?
  • Is the purpose of life to reproduce, maintain homeostasis, and just to exist as a side effect of bumping and moving particles?

What is the Difference Between Living and Nonliving Things?


  • Is life after death possible?
  • What does biotechnology mean for the difference between artificial intelligence becoming life and “natural” life?
  • Are the so-called “Criteria for All Life” ignoring a different type of life?

What is Consciousness?


  • Is the supreme power of conscious humans metacognition?
  • Is consciousness an illusion?
  • Are we actually conscious?

Is Ranch on Sourdough Good?

I’m too scared to try, but if any of you are true explorers tell me how it goes.