Get Notified of New Posts

Unfortunately, I am not rich enough to buy an email service or tech-savvy enough to create or run my own competent notification service, email or otherwise.

I do, however, have an extremely dirty automatically-generated RSS feed, which means I can just tell you to use a third-party service instead of running an actual newsletter that noone reads.

This effectively cuts me off from important analytics and interactions with you, Reader—But this solution requires no effort at all on my part. So I may lose some of you, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

However, some of you are picky, greedy bastards and want email notifs, so I made a step-by-step guide on getting new blog posts sent to your email.

Things Needed:
– An email address
– An internet connection
– A typing utensil
– 1 minute

Step 1: Go to

You should see this:

Step 2: Fill out the leftmost field

The RSS feed is, which you fill into the leftmost field.

Step 3: Fill out your stuff

I don’t know your email address, so you’ll need to put it in yourself. You can also choose the rate at which Blogtrottr will crawl the RSS feed, but the truth is that I rarely post anything, ever, so this option can be ignored entirely.

Step 4: Submit the form, and confirm your subscription

After submitting the form, you’ll get a message telling you to go check your email for a confirmation email—

—So all you need to do is confirm the subscription—

—And you’re all set!