Imagination Disorder

Imagination Disorder is a behavioral-mental disorder stemming from the lack of coping mechanisms for dealing with reality.There are a vast amount of signs and symptoms.

The cause of imagination is unclear due to varying cultural and social norms.

The refusal to slap reality into children can extend the disease into late adulthood. Some people never recover from imagination. (Eg: Roald Dahl, who imagined so much shit he had to write books to keep his head from exploding.)


Children and Imagination

Children are not skilled at discerning between reality and imagination. This can result in uncontrollable imagination attacks.

Since children have no control over their environment, it is easy to understand the internal unspoken pain devouring their sanity in their day-to-day lives.

Imagination can help these children create safe mental spaces where the characters from Peppa Pig temporarily seem real and are being hunted in a game to relieve stress and extract as much sadistic pleasure from an otherwise mundane and empty room.

Religion in Adults

A common theme in Imagination Disorder in Adults (aka: religion) is that a vast majority of the nonsensical imagined things happen in ways that cannot be proven.

A) The nonsensical happened a really long time ago.
B) The nonsensical simply cannot be perceived or comprehended.
C) The nonsensical is nonsensical but the mind ignores it to protect from trauma.

Approximately 90% of Americans believe in an imaginary character called “God”, who is an invisible protector that sends evildoers to be tortured in a fiery pit after they die and starts mass genocides for shits and giggles.

After lots of analysis, experts have concluded that being dead means you are incapable of being conscious to feel the aforementioned fiery pit, debunking the myth.

Some of the more lonely imagination victims may take drastic measures to please their imaginary God in order to get laid by 72 voluptuous virgins after they die.

Fun Fact: Archaeologists unearthed an ancient 4,000 year-old tablet hand-carved by Bill Gates admitting that Christianity was just his really bad fanfic where he made himself the supreme dictator of the universe and people ended up taking it too far.



Hallucinations are sensory perception without actual stimuli. Hallucinations are not misperceptions of external stimuli. Rather, they happen without any stimuli whatsoever.

Some hallucinations can end up with people conversing with nonexistent friends (most common in lonely children), hearing voices (also common in possessed children), and feeling things that don’t exist (common when children are tripping on acid).

Hallucinations are generally extremely vivid and indistinguishable from reality to those affected.


Delusions are firm beliefs against reality despite contradictory evidence. Delusions can make a person feel like they’re worth something to the world or that certain minorities should be removed from society. These people are usually the ones that get removed.

Writing Absurd Amounts of Fanfiction

This symptom is most prevalent in 11-16 year-old teenagers.

It occurs when imagination combines with horniness and lack of writing ability.

Teenagers release 99% of the world’s low-quality fanfiction. Fanfiction writers are worth very little to the world and invade all fandoms like the parasitic lowlife they are, usually inserting themselves as the character that has the most sex.

Giving honest criticism is like throwing a rock at a wasp nest. The best method for dealing with shitty fanfiction writers is to lock them up in a large facility disguised for learning.

Most of the criticism is by fanboys who want every story to follow the original plot, characters, etc, and it’s really just flaming at that point.



The first line of treatment is usually antipsychotic medication, which can heavily reduce the symptoms of imagination.

Antipsychotics tend to work best in medium doses for the least relapse, but the side effects can be severe.

Counseling and Early Intervention

Counseling is usually done by a school counselor, who will tell the patient to screw off until the symptoms get so bad that the patient commits suicide. At that point, the school will hold a daylight candlelight vigil where it’s too bright to see the candles with a bad yearbook photo in a cheap Homegoods frame and lots of satanic chants and prayers.

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Absolutely fucking nothing. There is no factual evidence whatsoever.

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