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Things Are Happening

Recently I began posting hentai to multiple Discord servers with the use of my bot.

[Largethigh's Discord (receives most updates & features)] | [Autist's Anonymous] | [Weally Depwessed Individuwals] | [Skipper's Basement | [Osailand]]


The server just gained 200 members in a couple hours.

Sorry to all of the new members that are confused, this web page was never meant to introduce new people to what I do and it's pretty wack.

In Short: I post hentai that you request. I also do sauce requests.

What Is This?

Hey, it’s me, Enchoseon.

I run the collaborative hentai repository that stemmed from the #NSFW channel on the Largethighs Discord.

The pictures in the MEGA repo are pictures that have been posted in the #quality-nsfw channel in the Largethigh’s Discord (because infinitely scrolling up isn't that fun).

I have posted and sorted over 300 900 1,300 4000 pictures in the repo (and a bit more on the Largethigh's #NSFW channel because I missed a few when I copied them to the repo).

What's the Bot? - The Maid Bot is the greatest new addition to the channel. I use it to blast my hentai to multiple servers, but the Thigh Guys server is the main one I post to. (The other servers are sorta dead.)

I still manually find and post hentai (I manually type everything into a command for the bot, the bot does absolutely nothing automatically for security concerns.)

What Is PP? - As of 11/11/19, PP is the new Participation Points system that I use to reward people who make high-quality requests OR people who actively watch the channel.

Upon amassing large amounts of PP, you'll receive ThiccHub Premium, a version of the already-free doujin porn site I run, but with videos and stuff.

Finding Sauce

Please do find your own sauce and do share the sauce with others.

Getting the Sampled Pic:
If you see an Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit post with the sample you want, it is best to directly download the picture rather than screenshotting. (Instagram doesn't allow direct downloads, but there are free services like insta-downloader.net)

If the pic is a meme or has nasty censorship that wasn't created by the original artist, you'll probably want to snip off those parts for a second sample if the first sample fails.

Formatting the Sampled Pic:
A recommended service for resizing your pics to crop things off (and more!) is ImgOps. Once you upload a file, in the edit section, click ours to show the ImgOps photo editor, then crop what you want and finish.

However, if you are cropping, be sure to crop off on the necessary parts and try to keep some sort of ratio. It is preferable you DO NOT CROP if you can. If you have a picture and then resize it to a 1:1 Instagram it can make the picture really hard to do a reverse-search on (*cough* keo).

Searching for the Pic:
If everyone had the same skills for the above two steps, the last remaining variable that determines whether or not a sauce-finder is successful are the services they used to find that sauce.

IQDB.org (Begins Here) -Searches through: Danbooru, Konachan, yande.re, Gelbooru, Sankaku Channel, e-shuushuu, Zerochan, and Anime-Pictures. Once your search is done they also provide links to do your search on SauceNAO, Google Images, and Tineye.

SauceNAO.com (Or Begin Here) -Searches through: Its own repository of files, Once your search is done they also provide links to do your search on Trace.moe along with all the services IQDB recommends, too.

ImgOps.com (Go Here If All Else Fails) -ImgOps temporarily hosts your files and gives you urls to other reverse image searches through Google, Bing, Tineye, Karma Decay, Yandex, Baidu, so.com, and Sogou.

ImgOps allows you to open up tons of tabs leading to different searches for the same file. There was one time I was looking for sauce and IQDB and SauceNAO failed me, and after navigating through failure after failure, Yandex was the only one that worked. For reverse-image searches, more is better!


This is just my hobby, and this community has allowed me to move up from being a random low-quality spammer in the #nsfw channel into the owner of the #quality-nsfw channel.

What an awesome journey. But it isn't over yet.


~ Encho

Special(er) Thanks

@Ceo of ur mom, for commenting 'HAWWT' or various emojis while I post hentai in the channel.

@Kinver, for providing moral support as I lamented about not being able to find a doujin that I've been searching for years to find (still haven't found it.)

@Sudden, for awkwardly going offline every time I try to ask a question and forcing Soleil to help.

@Soleil, for being more responsible than Sudden and Keo.

@Keo, for posting various hentai pictures for no reason and then not giving sauce despite there being a guide on this webpage. (Sudden and Keo might not have actually viewed this webpage because they are pussies and think everything is a virus.)

@Darkrii, for also being a pussy like Keo and Sudden. Also congrats on having a consistent Twitch streaming schedule that is 100% easy to follow.


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