Welcome to [L,ily]


1. The following object is constructed by a system.

2. The following object is the sound of the system.

3. The following object is not a song made with the system.

4. The following object is experienced linearly by us.

5. The following object is not created linearly, its entire existence was determined from the moment it was created.

6. The following object is a finite portion of a supposedly infinite sample.

This system is [L,ily], a generative music algorithm.

Design 0A
Design 0S
Spesh Test Runs

Outrun the Synth

Comments: ok.

Screaming Robot

Comments: Feelsweirdman.

Light Music In Major Pentatonic

Comments: This worked out better than expected. Very little editing, these are literally my default Midi instruments.

The Light Music Club is Shrooming

Comments: Major diatonic test.

Cool 3rd Party Tools Used:

LAME Encoder, the best MP3 encoder

FL Studio 12, the DAW that I have

Vroid Studio, the noob-friendly but also expert-ready 3D character modeler

VRM2PMX Converter, the epic one-click Vroid -> MMD solution | Download (password is in the other link)

MikuMikuDance, that one thing for things

>Other Test Runs <


Neo A. from Enchoseon

L,ily is a member of The Unknown Art Project

The Future


Lilly [Everything]

Jeti, creator of the Enter Command font [https://fontenddev.com/fonts/enter-command]

Procjam, a website filled with good resources for procedural music generation [http://www.procjam.com/]