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Important: The LOHS/US/ forum is in alpha! (So is this site, but the forum is in like, super-super alpha).

Welcome to the GOOD version of the Los Osos High School Student Resources page. This site is created by students, for students. (That's a lie, I'm the only one making this, but you can make suggestions and stuff).

The goal of this page is to provide you with all 99% of the stuff a student would ever need.

This page is regularly updated and new features are being rolled out despite the super-retro vaporwavy aesthetic I have going on here.

Daily Checklist

*These areas will vary from person-to-person.

Stay organized! Split your normal everyday goals and homework into super bite-sized chunks.

Instead of something ambiguous and unhelpful like ”Do Foldable” you should write, ”1) Cut paper 2) Write Words 3) Write Definitions 4) Drawings 5) Color”. Good thinking pairs with good planning and clear planning is superior to quick 1-word reminders.

Useful External Resources

Andrej Karpathy's Guide to Doing Well

Andrej Karpathy is referenced in every ML project. Currently he's the Director of AI for Tesla, so his blog posts have slowed to a crawl. However, I really liked his advice and it could probably help you. is a useful online resource for learning more about what you put in your body. Food matters, and a couple hundred calories can be the difference between brain fog and clear thinking.

Study Help

In Short: You don't need to study each subject for more than 15 minutes each night.

Teachers constantly pull the 'you aren't trying hard enough' card on failing students. However, there are top students who never study and the the rest of us, who probably don't study either, but that's not the point I'm trying to cover.

The point is that teachers don't teach how and what to 'try hard enough' at.

All of the stuff you've heard about the hours and hours of study are false. The homework is what takes time, but studying does not have to be inhumane torture that lasts hours. It can inhumane torture that lasts a couple minutes.

The key is to use active recall to reinforce concepts and to avoid getting rusty. 15 minutes may be enough for some subjects, but if you need to memorize say... 500 Chinese characters that'll be more time (or more study sessions split up throughout your day).

Methods for Active Recall Studying


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Feb 15: Abe Lincoln Day
Length: 1 Day - Fri (4 Day Weekend Starts)

Feb 18: Pres. Day
Length: 1 Day - Mon (4 Day Weekend Ends)

March 25-29: Spring Break
Length: 5 Days (+2 for weekend) - Mon-Fri

May 23: Summer Break
Length: ∞ (or not)

Va-11 Hall-A Radio


This stupid project was created by a bored Neo for fun. (Yes, this is my idea of fun).

There will be more stuff in the future! In the meantime, you can email me for feature requests at:

Also, please share this site with the school (to your teachers or whoever you want). We might be able to get them to invest more in the Computer Sciences once they see how bad this code is.

If you want YOUR school to have it's own FSBS (For-Students By-Students) site like this one don't worry. I'll be making a PHP port of this for easy customizability (it will probably be on GitHub).

A cool thing would be for the school to get an API that I can use so that students have to enter their student IDs before being given access to this site. If this happened I would be able to include more things.

To-Do List: