Get Featured

Welcome micro-influencers!

But first, let’s get something out the the way:

You are a micro-influencer if:

  • You have any sort of online prescence¬†/or/
  • You have an interest in any sort of online prescence¬†/or/
  • You don’t really have a prescence but you have something to say¬†/or/
  • You do have a prescence and you have something to say /or/

Quite simply, if you have a message and preferably a small cranny on the internet somewhere to take credit for your message, you qualify!

For what?

Guest-writing, featuring your posts on this blog, interviews, whatever floats your boat.

This is an extremely new thing I’m doing because some people have been emailing me for requests to do an ‘I write for you and you write for me’ thing, which is exciting.

So I’ve made this page to make the whole process a lot easier.

Guest Posting and Whatever Floats Your Boat

Rules: Send me an email with what you want to do.

Then we’ll talk it out, figure out a date, and get started once we reach an agreement.

My email: neotheamazingdude[at]

Example Requests I’ve Gotten That Are Perfectly Valid:

  • Request to post a video article about drawing
  • Request to post an article on personal information security
  • Request to talk about their own indie novel and the writing (and painful publishing) process behind it
  • Request to have an online treasure hunt for a YouTube subscriber special.

I was unable to fulfill these requests because I was working extremely hard on a lot of website stuff and school stuff, but I’m open again and only semi-busy now.

Example Requests That Are Invalid:

  • People telling me to put ads on the sidebar of the site and to share the money with them
  • People asking something like the valid requests but refusing to work with me and just telling me to let them post.
  • People who refuse to change their request to be beneficial to both of us.
  • People who want me to do all of the work for them.