My First Week of High School

Note: This post is exceptionally small because I’m on a time rush

The jump from elementary school to middle school was small. I just had to figure out which proctors were assholes and where my classes were.

I knew high school was big, but holy shit is it big.

You can fit more than half of my middle school into the football field.

The First Day of School

Freshman are very obvious in a crowd. They sport a new backpack, new shoes, and have the aura of wanting to change themselves and get a fresh start.

The other obvious thing is how they will search for their schedule and read it in each period.

This summer I gave up on changing myself and decided to let nature do its thing and fix everything wrong with me.

Needless to say, it didn’t go according to plan and I feel like the same person I was before.


Middle School in a Nutshell

Middle school is fairly straightforward. It’s just like elementary school, except you have to change classes multiple times a day due to the fact that schools in the United States aren’t capable of figuring out more efficient ways to teach people.

For the most part, the classrooms are just like an elementary school classroom. You just have teachers that have dead tired eyes and pre-programmed sentences they throw out when they have 7 consecutive all-nighters grading homework written in ancient hieroglyphics.

High School in a Nutshell

I was expecting some sort of big culture shock similar to what an alien would experience visiting Earth for the first time.

High school is severely disappointing.

Everything was exactly like middle school, but with a bigger campus and classrooms with chairs attached to the desks so that I’d absentmindedly tug on them and push my entire desk into somebody else’s.

During PE there was a rally and I accidentally went on the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior side of the gym instead of the Freshman side. I ended up following the crowd and went to my third-period class, mashing two classes into one period.

I had to run across campus to explain my mistake to my PE teacher, who was pretty much used to this sort of thing.

My Somewhat Good School

My high school is well-known for its rigorous courses and insanely high AP test-passing rate. I was gonna put a racist joke here but I’ll just let your imagination do the rest.

People hold parties if their kid gets transferred into the high school (if they live farther away) and I got in by being tossed up by the school district since I live in the area. The amount of effort and dedication on my part is insanely low.

The learning environment is not bad at all. All the bullshit happens off-campus (fights, etc.) My friend in Chicago is a freshman and all the freshmen asides from him got pennies thrown at them.

He didn’t get any pennies thrown at him because he was the one throwing pennies.

Also, people don’t hold back in Chicago. Needless to say,  my high school is relatively sheltered.

Being Lazy in A Somewhat Good School

Plenty of Honors students complain about not having enough time in their lives.

I signed up for Integrated Math-1 precisely for this reason, and I got placed in Integrated Math-2. [Insert another racist joke.]

Update from Neo 15 Months in the Future: Math is hard.

Anyhow, I have an essay to write so this shorter-than-usual post will be ending abruptl-

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