My Massive Month

Over the past month, I’ve been doing a large amount of stuff. Like, a massive amount of stuff.

Things I’ve Done:

  • A complete site backend overhaul
  • Started Lohs Student Resources
  • Started Peril/us/
  • Created this page to replace the blank space

The Leap Into WAMPPress

I like WordPress. It’s the tool I literally grew my internet existence on, so I’ve gotten to know it well.

However, WordPress gobbled up too many resources for a static blog site so I created a LAN server on my PC and migrated WordPress onto my hard drive.

Now I can mod core WordPress files and have a much safer and more efficient website.

Lohs Student Resources and Peril/us/

Goal: Create a collective intelligence of students to help students.

Peril/us/ is a heavily modded version of Beardog108’s MicroTxt framework.

I’ve made 3 major back-to-square-one rebuilds and I’m happy to say that there will likely be a fourth.

Peril features anonymous commenting. And that’s it.

However, I need a way to identify the anonymous users, so I decided to turn my simple IP-to-userID script into an IP-to-userID-but-so-I-can-decrypt-the-IP-from-the-ID-if-needed script.

After coming up with the script, I did some quick Google searches for ways to protect my bad encryption and decryption algorithms, which I realized were actually just substitution ciphers and unsafe math that just worked because you can’t brute-force a messy letter group (Random ID) for a messy number gloop (IP+Math) for a messy number group (IP).

The system is basically okay now.

Something cool I learned was:

if(!defined(‘myVar’)) {
  header(“HTTP/1.1 404 File Not Found”, 404); exit;

I had seen it plenty of times before when I was goofing around in other people’s code, but now I finally knew what it was for.

For even more safety I blocked access with .htaccess, which slows down the site but whatever.

Here is the evolution of the User ID

1. Nothing [Anonymous]
2. A string of undecipherable text [User: #482966]
3. String of encrypted text [User: #eibqwe]

Goal: [User: %randomname% – #eibqwe]

I want custom names for each user that stick with each IP.

Thus I went down another rabbit hole, this time with Markov chains due to my weird enjoyment of Garkov and my lack of knowledge about RNNs, which would’ve been cooler because I would’ve been able to say ’This site uses Machine Learning to improve the user experience’ to impress everyone with my made-up names made in overly complicated Me fashion.

”Obama is trying to become independent. This would never expect. I only speak negatively about my hair. So ridiculous- let me know when the losers of the Miss USA Pageant is comprised of truly beautiful women. BE SMART” – The result of a Markov Chain showing promising Skynet capabilities from

The Dataset

In a Markov chain what matters the most is the dataset. Just crank it up to 2 character predictions and plug in some animals and you get wonders like the ’Orcupine’ or ’Ducko’ or ’White’.

After some tests, I settled on this Frankenstein data set of words I liked. [mfn]Constellations + Colors + Plants:
andromeda antlia apus aquarius aquila ara aries auriga boötes caelum camelopardalis cancer canesvenatici canismajor canisminor capricornus carina cassiopeia centaurus cepheus cetus chamaeleon circinus columba coma corona corvus crater crux cygnus delphinus dorado draco equuleus eridanus fornax gemini grus hercules horologium hydra hydrus indus lacerta leo leominor lepus libra lupus lynx lyra mensa microscopium monoceros musca norma octans ophiuchus orion pavo pegasus perseus phoenix pictor pisces puppis pyxis reticulum sagitta sagittarius scorpius sculptor scutum serpens sextans taurus telescopium triangulum tucana ursamajor ursaminor vela virgo volans vulpecula
amaranth amber amethyst apricot aquamarine azure babyblue beige black blue bluegreen blush bronze brown burgundy byzantium carmine cerise cerulean champagne chocolate cobaltblue coffee copper coral crimson cyan desertsand electricblue emerald erin gold gray green harlequin indigo ivory jade junglegreen lavender lemon lilac lime magenta magentarose maroon mauve navyblue ocher olive orange orchid peach pear periwinkle persianblue pink plum prussianblue puce purple raspberry red redviolet rose ruby salmon sangria sapphire scarlet silver slategray springbud springgreen tan taupe teal turquoise violet viridian white yellow africanrice alder almond ambrosia amyroot apple apricot arfaj arrowwood ash ashleavedmaple asianrice azolla babyrose bamboo banana bankcress baobab bay baylaurel bean bearberry bearcorn beech bermudacress bindweed birch birdsnest bittercress bittersweet bitterweed blackalder blackash blackberry blackbirch blackcap blackcherry blackhaw blackiehead blackmaple blackoak blackraspberry blackweed blueash blueberry blueoak boleanbirch bowwood box boxelder boxwood brier brittlebush broadleaf brownbetty buckeye buffaloweed bulbouscress bullnettle buroak butterflyweed cabbage caneash canoebirch carrot carrotweed championoak cherry cherrybirch chestnut chiggerflower christmasfern chrysanthemum cinnamon clove clover clumpfoot coakum coastliveoak coconut coffeeplant colicweed collard colwort commonalder coneflower corkoak cornel cornelian cornsowthistle cornthistle corydalis cottonplant creekmaple cress crowfoot crowsnest crowstoes cucumber cursedthistle cutleafmaple daisy damerocket deadlynightshade deadnettle devilsbite devilsnose devilsplague dewberry dindle dogwood drumstick duckretten duscle dyeleaves dyersoak earthgall eucalyptus eytelia falsealder falsebox fellenwort felonwood felonwort fennel ferns feverbush feverfew fig flax fluxroot fumewort gallberry garget garlic garlicmustard garlicroot gilliflower goldenbuttons goldengarlic goldenglow goosetongue gordaldo grapefruit grapevine grayalder graybirch greenash greenthistle groundberry gutweed haldi hardthistle haresthistle harlequin hayfever healingblade hedgeplant hellebore hemp hempdogbane henplant hogweed holly honeymesquite horsecane horsenettle houndsberry houseleek huckleberry indianhemp indianposy inkberry inkberryholly ironwood islandoak itchweed ivy jackinthebush jalap judastree juneberry juniper keek kinnikinnik kousa kudzu laceflower lambscress lambsfoot landcress lavender leek lemon lettuce lilac lilyleek lovevine lowrose mahoganybirch maize mango maple mapleash mapleash meadowholly mesquite milfoil milkthistle milkweed milkytassel mirbeckoak moosemaple moosewood morel mosquitofern mulberry neem nettle nightshade noddingthistle northernoak nosebleed oak olive onion orangeroot osage osageapple paperbirch parsley parsnip pea peach peanut pear pellitory pennyhedge pepperroot perennialthistle pigeonberry pine pineapple pinoak pistachio plane plantain pleurisyroot poisonberry poisonflower poisonivy poke pokeroot pokeweed polecatweed polkweed poplar poppy possumhaw potato prairierose pricklythistle pudina purpleraspberry quercitron radicalweed ragweed ragwort ramblerrose rantipole rapeseed raspberry redash redbirch redbrush redbud redmulberry redoak redweed rheumatismroot rhubarb ribwort rice riverash riverbirch rivermaple roadweed rocket rocketcress rose rosemary rumcherry rye sandbrier sanguinary saskatoon scarletberry scoke scotchcap scruboak scurvycress scurvygrass serviceberry shadblow shadbush silkweed silverbirch silvermaple skunkcabbage skunkweed snakeberry sneezeweed sneezewort snowdrop softmaple sorrel sowthistle spanishoak speckledalder speedwell spicebirch spoolwood spottedoak springcress squawbush stagbush stammerwort stickweed strawberry stripedalder stripedmaple sugarcane sugarmaple sugarplum summerlilac sunflower swallowwort swallowwort swampash swampcabbage swampholly swampmaple swampoak swampsilkweed sweetbirch sweetpotato sweetrocket swinethistle swinies swordferns sycamore tansy tasselweed tea thimbleberry thimbleweed thistle thousandleaf thousandseal thyme tickleweed tobaccoplant tomato toothwort touchmenot treadsoftly treeonion trillium tuberroot tulip tulsi uplandcress valleyoak vanillaorchid viburnum violet violetbloom virginbower wakerobin walnut waterash waterbirch waterfern watermaple waybread waythistle weepingbirch weepingbirch wheat whitealder whiteash whitebirch whitebirch whitemaple whitemulberry whiteoak whiteroot whitetansy wildblackcherry wildcherry wildcotton wildgarlic wildhops wildrose wildtansy willow windroot wineberry winterberry wintercress winterrocket woodbine woodynightshade wormwood woundrocket woundwort yam yarrow yellowbirch yellowdaisy yellowfumewort yellowrocket yellowwood zedoary
Top Result: ”Moose”

abaddon abezethibou abraxas abyzou adramelech aeshma agaliarept agares agiel agrat ahriman aim aka ala alal alastor allocer alloces allu amaymon amdusias amy anamalech ancitif andhaka andras andrealphus andromalius angra antichrist anzu apollyon archon armaros arunasura asag asakku asbel asmodai asmodeus astaroth asura azazel azi baal babi bael bakasura balam balberith bali banshee baphomet barbas barbatos barong bathin bathym beelzebub behemoth beherit beleth belial belphegor berith bhūta bifrons boruta botis buer bukavac bune bushyasta caacrinolaas caassimolar cain canio cerbere charun chax chemosh choronzon cimeies cimejes classyalabolas corson crocell culsu daeva dagon dajjal danjal dantalion davy decarabia demiurge demogorgon devil drekavac dzoavits eblis eisheth eligos flauros flavros focalor foraii foras forcas forcas forneus furcas furfur gaap gaderel gaki gamigin ghoul glasya gomory gorgon gremory grigori gualichu guayota gusion gusoin gusoyn haagenti haborym halphas hantu hauras haures havres ifrit incubus ipes ipos jikininki jinn kabandha kabhanda kali kasadya killakee kimaris kokabiel krampus kroni kumbhakarna lechies legion lempo leraie leraje leviathan leyak lili lilim lilin lilith lucifer lucifuge malaphar malephar malphas malthus mammon mara marax marchosias maricha marthim masih mastema mathim mephistopheles merihem moloch morax morpheus murmur naamah naberius naberus namtar ninurta onoskelis orcus orias oriax ornias orobas ose paimon pazuzu pelesit penemue phenex pithius pocong pontianak procell pruflas puloman rahab rakshasa rangda raum ravan ronove rusalka sabnock saleos samael satan seir semyaz shax shedim sitri solas sthenno stolas suanggi succubus surgat tannin toyol tuchulcha ukobach valac valefar vanth vapula vassago vepar vine wendigo xaphan xezbeth yeqon yeterel zagan zepar ziminiar ördög
Top Result: ’Bub’[/mfn]

Currently I’m trying to figure out how to attribute these names to usernames. Currently I am getting nowhere, but yeah.

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