Neo Reviews Onigiri, an Anime MMORPG

Onigiri is a Japanese MMORPG set in a fantasy world thing created by CyberStep inc.


My computer is a potato.

When I connected a gaming keyboard to it, the interference from the keyboard created endless white noise to my headset (I tried boosting the audio to the max and it was still the same white noise).

This forced me to connect the keyboard to the back USB ports. However, the white noise is still extremely loud.

In order to improve my wi-fi connection, I moved my wi-fi adapter up to the front ports, effectively creating a large amount of white noise and robotic buzzing and beeping for every transfer of data.

However, I don’t really have a choice here.

Wi-Fi Adapter in the Back Ports: (Less Audio Interference, More Connection Interference)

Wi-Fi Adapter in the Front Ports: (Lots of Audio Interference, Less Connection Interference)

There is no way I can play Onigiri on snail-speed internet, so I’ll have to play with crazy audio interference (I also turned off my keyboard’s lights to lessen the load, but there was no noticeable change).

First Impressions

The game began by downloading updates, assaulting my ears with a mix of good home screen music and annoying white noise from the wi-fi-adapter.

After that, I walked around, beat up some shit, fought a boss fight, and found out that I was supposed to go to training camp before I did all of that.

At this point I realized that I had seriously fucked up and that I had accepted random quests from all over without knowing what I was doing.

Then I realized that there was a Nintendo Switch version and that I didn’t need to use my crappy computer after all.

Second Impressions

I created a new player and trashed my clueless Lvl 21 one.

Then I moved, went on hiatus for 2 months and now I’m posting this post really late so that’s it.

This post was not sponsored by Cyberstep Inc.


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