Hi all, the PETA Kids satire Instagram account and news site have been shut down.

I decided to shut down the news site before PETA could make another move. but I see no purpose in rebooting it as most of the traffic came from the Instagram account, so there would be no community left for me to return to.

This, coupled with the fact that PETA memes have a short lifespan (decided only by how long PETA decides to piss on some wildlife photographer's corpse), has sealed my decision.

I've decided to create and abandon this page for whomever it may interest.

I created the PETA Kids satire account and news site when outrage over PETA's statements about Steve Irwin after his death went viral.

One day, out of nowhere, I recieved an email from Instagram saying that the Instagram account had been taken down--I hadn't been contacted by PETA prior to this so it was really shocking.

(The email)

The only thing that comes to mind is that I had reposted pictures from the real PETA Kids Instagram account, but that was it--I hadn't contacted PETA and PETA hadn't contacted me, I just assumed that a collosal nonprofit animal rights organization wouldn't give two shits about another random loser on the internet making fun of them.

There is no way PETA would have any grounds for instantly banning my Instagram account just because I reposted a piece of media they made that was manufactured solely for the purpose of being reposted.

Additionally, it is highly unlikely that Instagram itself took down the account, as I'm pretty sure their time would be better spent deleting all of the animal abuse and shock videos from their platform instead of targeting an obscure user.

So I emailed Instagram asking for clarification: What was it? The email is so ambiguous and nothing makes sense; even now, thinking about it nearly a year later in this retrospective.

Oh, and I also emailed Gabe W. (Image)

I recieved no response on either end. All of my data was lost (usually, you get a notice that a single post was deleted, but I was just instantly banned and lost all of my data).

I know it sounds like I'm trying to make a big dumb sob story out of this, but the account was very sentimental to me--A lot of cringey memories were preserved solely on it (it was previously owned by my friend, and I don't have any copies of any of the images).

I asked if I could just download the account's data like how you can download all of your Google Account data in a large .zip file--But I never got a response.

In the end, PETA may or may not have screwed me over--But if they did, and if Gabe W did, then thank you, Gabe W, for ruining a person's day just because a massive nonprofit had its poor feelings hurt.

And so, before I end this retrospective, I would also like to hurt PETA's feelings even more.