Promotion Awkwardness

During the time of writing, I am four hours away from the start of the last day of 8th grade.

And that is getting me pretty hyped!

Anime Sparkly Eyeball Gif

(I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.)

Anyhow, this week has been one hell of a ride.

Monday was my last normal day of school.

Tuesday was when I almost fell asleep and wasn’t paying attention so I’ll just skip it. In short, there were only 6-7 kids in my second period because lots of people doing some sort of end-of-year trip I didn’t attend.

Wednesday was when I had a really weird schedule because everybody was doing their thing on the Knotts Berry end-of-the-year field trip (I didn’t want to sign up, and I conk out on the bus rides home waaay too easily.) If you have good grades (which I do), the school basically assumes you payed the 25 bucks to spend your time laughing at your classmates squeal on a spinning-cup-type of ride. But if you choose to not go to Knotts (like me), the school gives you a weird schedule where you spend your day with different periods and different teachers while everyone else does their thing at Knotts. The other problem is that I was stuck with lots of the kids I’ve never seen because they’re always in lunch detention. Luckily, some of my friends are just as apathetic as me, so I managed to scoot into a small tiny group.

Thursday is the day I’m writing this. It was the last day to ever sit under the shade in my lonely spot during recess. It was my last day eating a cold sausage burrito in an even colder lunch area. It was also my last day being bored to tears in a classroom while my teacher put on Shrek. I kid you not, we watched Shrek, and it was dank.

Megumin Tired

I’m very tired.

Friday is tomorrow, the promotion ceremony. I just wish I could just skip it and just get on with summer break.

Promotion Practice

Anything related to human interaction is one of my weak points. And trust me, I am reeeeaaaaaaallllly bad at human interaction.

Today we spent ten minutes sitting in the MPR listening to the Principal and Vice Principal explain how Promotion is supposed to go. Dress code, respecting everyone, yadayadayadayada.

We also spent a good chunk of time standing in the freezing air that permeated the upper field during the time we spent trying to take a panorama picture of everybody. But, as you should know, most 8th graders are really bad at following directions and think pissing everyone off is funny. Plus, we screwed up the “tall-to-short” positions and ended up shuffling around for a long time. I also realized how short I actually was and felt a bit of my self-esteem chip off. Very nice.

And theeeeeeeeeen
We practiced the ceremony.

In the freezing air.

On the damp grass of the upper field.

In uncomfortable chairs.

Like seriously, they were really uncomfortable.

They had this thing where you go up in a single file line (which is hard for a group of stupid 8th graders.) And you shake the principal’s hand and take a picture (the cameraman was doing this pretend-camera with his hands for fun, but for someone as awkward as me, it still carries all the stress a real photograph has.)

Now this is the part where I ramble about how weird handshakes are.

Donald Trump Weird Handshake

When you do a handshake, you aren’t sure when to let go or the positioning of your hands. You just assume that the other person has the same idea as you. And so when I shook the principals hand, I wanted to get off that stage, ASAP. It was very high on my list of priorities, probably even higher than breathing, maintaining my heartbeat, or digesting my food. I just wanted to shake, glance at the guy, and get off the stage.

I also have this quirk that when an adult talks to me in a formal manner, I freak out. It’s not something like where I suddenly think of all these crazy scenarios where things go wrong, but more of like I just have a natural freak-the-heck-out mode pre-installed on my brain because formal situations always screw me over in the end. For example, one of my favorite teachers has crazy-good composure and even has a “yeah I’m pissed at all of you but still I’m still composed while I’m telling you to stop being stupid” mode which is really admirable.  But that composure means that simple friendly questions sound friendly, yet formal. And while I can answer simple questions, when they carry the stress of a formal situation with them it becomes an entirely different game.

Anyways, I was supposed to continue shaking the principal’s hand while turning my body to face the cameraman. Which is something that they totally did not tell me before I went onstage. I should’ve paid attention, but all I could do at the time was desperately cling to consciousness as I slunked up the platform in the cold groggy morning. Absolutely wonderful. She told me that I was supposed to continue shaking her hand, I apologized, and we had to do the weird, “let’s shake our hands again, but now it’s even more awkward” thing. I felt like barfing my insides afterwards.

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