I Fixed The Newsletter By Removing It

After many years of negligence, the email newsletter fell into total chaos. New subscriptions weren’t accepted, new content was no longer written, and the only emails that were being sent were automatic notifications about whenever the janky RSS feed was updated.

So I decided to just dumbify the solution. No more Mailchimp or Pico or whatever. I’m done with curating newsletters and whatnot, just an RSS reader is enough.

This lazy solution loses pretty much all the practicality of an actual newsletter, where I’m supposed to advertise my social media and showcase my best posts, and add my logo and stuff to the email.

Instead, this new solution is just a notification system, and to be honest, that’s all I needed it to be.

So, if you are a longtime newsletter subscriber from Mailchimp, your subscription has been removed by the time you read this. I’ve outlined the new method on getting new blog posts emailed to you here.