Very Famous

#1 - Bald Guy, by Bilbo Eyelash

#2 - Barnyard, by Halsey

#3 - Old Brown Road, by Lil Ass X


Very important info

Skinny Steve Found Dead

Kanye West Found Alive & Well

Some Famous People Drop Diss Tracks

I Dropped A Snowglobe

TicToc Predators Still Very Successful

Rapper Joe Changes Name To Joe

Mumbling Is Still A Rap

famous person


Help I am trapped

Rap music is still trash

Boomers amiright

Rapping is still a mumbling

person drops nothing

nothing drops person

Kylie Jenner breathes

18 vapers win Darwinism Award

K-Pop still on billboards

Edgy adults w/ no music talent thrive

Yelling proven to be loud

Famous person dies on boat