Smashing Every Single Enchoseon Post Together

Excluded Posts:

Special Formatting:

All text is lowercase, no special characters.

All numbers removed.


All formatting was manually made to help with readability. All line breaks, commas, periods, quotes, hyphens, capitalization, etc. were added by me to make this look like a post and not like the large block of unreadable text that this was birthed from.

The titles were created by me (duh).

Lines that areĀ italic are things that I recognize as perfect overfitting from a post. This isn’t 100% accurate because it’s just from my memory. Only entire lines are labeled for overfitting, and keep in mind that I decide where the lines are split because the original output had no punctuation whatsoever.

I was cutting out the middle of sentences for the first 8 sections listed below before I realized that it ruins the legitimacy of the text, so I switched to chopping off only the front and end parts of a text after that.

Magic Substance

A magic substance obtained via blood sweat and tears: Money.

Public schools that have the chance to come this post was ginormous. No, not the people running successful blogs. See no problem with only a buck and seventy-five cents.

It’s Always Beautiful

It’s always beautiful and it’s really just flaming at that moment. I just knew that if I had been looking out, the bike out of the local residents of the death rates for the rails so that I tried to make their own decision.

Do Not Trust Jeff Zentner

Teach them about how they’ll fucking die and/or hurt everyone if they pool their money together under the direction of Jeff.

Future Sex

When I logged on I found that I had lost the bet with a following in the future having sex.

Godlike Level III Multiverse-Exploitation

Give more freedom to the talk and to enjoy the food. You can find yourself anywhere, although most people who can’t pay for their godlike level III multiverse-exploiting capabilities. To clarify, Everett’s theory was not meant to be ranted about in my room.

Extremely Popular Diseases

Not everybody is willing to donate money to a bunch of support for the diseases that are destined to be extremely popular that spread like wildfire through the hallway during lunch hours.

Bad Advice

Get safe sexual pleasure? Useless knowledge.

Complete Logical Sense

If two’s a company and three’s a crowd, then eight people in danger of lahars.


Perfectly normal introverts suddenly become adventurous by wearing lipstick that looks like a pixel silhouette of a traditional cobalt bomb.

Microsoft Rewards

The Microsoft rewards program is a way to LAX, barreling down the negative rail the force of gravity while my legs pedaled worthlessly.

My Brother’s Classmates

This means that my brother’s classmates I was harassing a guy who opens up so many organisms.

Enjoy the Food

Firstly, you need to enjoy the food. You can use f = ilb.

What My Peers Would Call a “Mood”

The natural tendency to attract people and to let my dreams die in the past months.

Jeff Zentner Once Again

For the rest of my heart that is Jeff Zentner overflows the banks of Google.

The Machine Insults Me By Speaking About Me In First-Person Wait That Doesn’t Make Sense

The genetic code passed down can react and cause long-term inherited problems that just piled on top of me.

Jeff Zentner Once More

And I always never prepare for summer and there is a nuclear weapon packed with cobalt which is what were really waiting for the Serpent King summary Jeff Zentner.


I am proposing two different ideas to be the Puyallup River, which was confusing because I was not aware that I think Tegmark is also an excuse to create and direct more neutrophils which will be about six more items other than being famous for doing nothing.