The Future of This Blog (2019)

If you are reading this post, then it means that this blog has successfully scored a secure-ish 3-year future (after that who knows.)

This would mean that I have successfully made an investment for the long-run to push myself forward.

So, yeah.

If you aren’t reading this, then that’s fine, too. Not many people really come here, but I do feel like I could be better if I put more work in.

The Past

I have tried to write something about the past of this blog since nobody really was there to experience it, but I hope this time I actually manage to do it.

I started Enchoseon in 2016-2017 in order to post joke webcomics and serious web serials. Unfortunately, I suck ass at both.

However, I still spent my entire 7th-grade summer in my room, typing away regardless.

What came out was crap and I switched to making blog posts when I deleted all of my stories, but what I’ve put the most work into is still those unseen web serials.

Blog posts weren’t something I wanted to do and I only did them because I didn’t have any web serials to work on. I ended up making tons of trash before making an okay-ish blog post titled, “The Grand Inkit Scam“.

The Present

I have no idea what I want to do on this site. I really need to come up with something or else I won’t be able to tell myself to invest in the next 3 years.



I guess… web serials? Or comics? This is much harder than I thought it would be.

And the timing of this is pretty late, too.

Well. Maybe.


Maybe share so i get views