The Second Democratic Debate But It’s A Textboard Shitpost

IAmInterviewer: What’s the first issue you’ll tackle with your presidency
EricDoesNotLikeGuns: We need to take the guns, then people will stop dying.
Micheal: Climate change.
Kirsten_Gillete: National paid leave.
ThatOneKamala123: Taaaaaaxxxx cuuuuutttttsss.
John_Funnylastname: I would do something with something else to do something about climate change.
Pete_AlsoFunnylastname: Our democracy sucks.
I_Am_Not_Vague: ‘merica needs to be the best goddamn place for kids.
AsianMan: Universal Basic Income.
IAmInterviewer: Where is the money gonna come from?
AsianMan: The money will be very good and be a far better measurement than GDP.
IAmInterviewer: I understand that UBI is orders of magnitude better than welfare and other alternatives, but where will the money come from.
AsianMan: I’m glad you asked—
IAmInterviewer: Lol jk nerd you get the least airtime. Next question.
IAmInterviewer: Should private health insurance be replaced with a government-run plan?
Bernie_Sandies: Private health insurance bad.
Kirsten_Gillete: Bro just pull an Elon Musk and create market competition.
Pete_AlsoFunnylastname: Nothing should change for now but it will change in the future. Did I answer the question without doing anything yet?
JoesephJoestar: Obamacare.
Micheal: People like having to choose things.
John_Funnylastname: 180 million people have health insurance we cannot change this.
IAmInterviewer: What are your thoughts on student debt
Pete_Alsofunnyname: Shit bruh I have a ton of student debt. Let’s just get rid of it.
IAmInterviewer: Should illegal immigration be a crime?
Pete_AlsoFunnylastname: Illegal entry creates family separation, therefore we just get rid of illegal entry.
JoesephJoestar: *sweats* owo i have no opinion
ThatOneKamala123: There was this one little girl, 8, who died in an ICE death camp suffocating on dirt and sweat and blood because of Donald Trump. Wait what was the question.
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