Unofficial Hentaihaven Updates

Last Updated: July 12, 2019

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Hello fellow gamers, Hentaihaven has been experiencing some turbulence and lots has been happening.

In order to sort some things out, I decided to make a page dedicated to monitoring Hentaihaven.

This site will be experiencing its own turbulence with the transfer of some ownership of some things until July 11, so I recommend joining the RSS feed.1

Anyways, here is the super-fast summary of what has happened.

#HHAintDead (New)

So now we finally have a clear-er-ish view of what’s been happening.

Unfortunately, PapaHH’s original tweets opened Pandora’s box. The harassment and threats against FAKKU will not end and even though the longtime haters of FAKKU have their reasons, I suspect a vast majority of the hate against FAKKU is from PapaHH’s tweet enraging the masses.

It is great that everything was sorted out, but it is extremely disappointing how a lot of the community has resorted to hating FAKKU without seeing the whole picture. This was the whole reason I created this page, anyways.

Considering how FAKKU was a potential partner for HH for years, it’s clear that the part of the HH community turning on FAKKU either did so mindlessly or without enough information.

It’s also odd how FAKKU was originally cheered by everyone when they said they would help HH and now, after a misunderstanding, there are no messages of goodwill despite the news being good.

It sucks horribly, and I highly recommend that everyone reading this please share PapaHH’s tweet with as many people as possible. FAKKU is getting hate for the wrong reasons entirely, and if you hate FAKKU for legitimate reasons you should also be interested in stopping the mindless hate because your opinion won’t get heard through the noise, either.

Thanks. (And yes, this page will still get updated.)

The #HHisDown Thing (Old)

Hentaihaven nearly shut down a couple of times, but that’s in the past. What’s happening now is its own thing and we’ll be focusing solely on that since there is a lot to cover anyways.

  • HH heard news from FAKKU that a lawsuit would be arriving. (Fair enough since HH is a pirating site and FAKKU used to be a pirating site before they obtained legit licenses.)
  • FAKKU offered to sort out HH with some licenses, an absolute lifesaver.

The owner of HH tweeted and also sent to Hentaihaven: (and also deleted, because of reasons stated below)

This post will be removed soon so here’s the truth about what’s happening with HH.

I’m the creator of HH, and I’ve been silent for too long because I had hope things would work out. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to.

HH, as you know it, is dead. FAKKU has completely taken over and booted me out. First red flag was this BS re-launch they did without even telling me. Hell, they completely stopped talking to me as soon as I handed over the website and social media credentials. Thankfully, they were stupid enough to keep using my damn CDN so I can get one last message out to you guys.

It fucking sucks it has come to this. HH was my passion project, my baby. I worked on every little detail, wrote the taglines yo ulaughed at, designed the layout, posted the videos and helped create the community we all know and love. I couldn’t have done any of it without an awesome team to support me, and I’m thankful to every single one of you.

I had such high hopes about this whole thing. I remember emailing FAKKU in 2016 telling them about a vision I had of HH being the crunchyroll of Hentai. I’ve been talking to them for years on and off, I trusted them. But things never quite lined up for us to work together. When FAKKU told me (conveniently) about some legal trouble headed my way and offered to bail me out last year, I was elated. I still am in fact. But had I known that [it] would’ve cost me my entire website, my baby, I would’ve fucking gone at it on my own, spending every cent I had to protect this community. FAKKU told me everything I wanted to hear, offering me equity, employment, all that. Told me we can’t put all that in the contract right now cause the company hasn’t been officially registered yet and I took them at their word. Turns out, people lie. A whole LOT when money is involved.

So what’s next? I got a few ideas. Follow my exploits over at @realpapahh for any announcements. DM if you want. I got that newly unemployed free time.

TLDR; FAKKU played me like a cum-stained violin.

Jacob Grady (that one FAKKU person that we didn’t know existed) replied:

To dispel some of the rumors going around. PapaHH shut down HH after being alerted of legal threats from Japan.

I was in a position to help make HH legitimate and agreed to help negotiate on their behalf. Together, we had been working on licensing and converting their content and services into ones where fans would be given the option to further support the actual creators of the content. During this process, FAKKU did not make any money.

PapaHH helped create an incredible community at HH, and that’s what we wanted to save. But there are a lot more people responsible for it than just him. I plan on reaching out and seeing if this can be worked out, and to be clear: if shutting HH down is what PapaHH wants, I would be supportive.

But, I do firmly believe that continuing to make millions off of piracy and not giving part of that money to HH’s staff, the creators in Japan, etc. is not an option, and that’s what was happening before I got involved.

And then HH replied:

Wow, a prompt response from Fakku? Only time I’ve seen that happen is when they want something from me. Funny how effective a public shitstorm is.

Since we’re all here, let’s settle the bullshit before it even gathers steam. Sound good?

Alright then,

Notice how he didn’t refute anything I said in my original statement.

When Jacob says, “FAKKU didn’t make any money”, ask yourself why on Earth would he help me out if there’s nothing in it for him? I’ll tell you why. He owns 100% of HH now, a company he himself values at over a million dollars. How do I know that? When I asked him if I can save 20% of my own company, he said “sure, if you pay me $200k”.

I know HH wasn’t legally licensed, just like FAKKU wasn’t – until the FBI cam knocking on their door. Why do you think I contacted FAKKU in 2016, back when HH wasn’t big? When HH was on nobody’s radar? Why did I contact them specifically? Because I really believed I could follow in their footsteps and turn this into something legitimate. They were in my exact shoes before. I trusted them more because of it. It made perfect sense to team up. At the time though, things didn’t work out. We kept in touch but nothing concrete ever came out of it. Until…

The purge. HH shut down after I “heard” of a potential lawsuit headed my way. I didn’t actually get a lawsuit. The news came from Jacob himself, and it seemed credible enough so I believed him. At the time, he seemed like a savior to me. Offering to swwop in and take over HH and deal with Japanese companies and come to a legal agreement before the lawsuit even gets to me. Brilliant! What more could I want? Hell this is precisely what I wanted all along! Talking with the content creators and the companies directly. However, one little thing he failed to mention was that I wouldn’t be a part of HH after that. You can see how that would rub me the wrong way. He even contractually agreed he’ll handle any lawsuits regarding HH, but what would that act of generosity cost me? My site. The Brand. Everything I built. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have agreed and looked for another way to settle this with the copyright holders. I would’ve gladly paid the “millions” I earned from HH to the creators if it meant I could keep my website. Why wouldn’t I pay the creators, when I know that I could easily make more if I go legit? It’s a no brainer.

About the insinuation that I didn’t pay my staff… ask them yourself. The ONLY time I failed to pay them was when this legal shit popped off and I had to disappear because I legitimately thought I was in trouble. Even then, I paid everyone who had sent me invoices for that month. I paid the rest of my staff for that month as soon as I heard people had outstanding invoices.
When Jacob says “Together, we’ve been working on licensing…”, he’s probably mistaken me for another one of his FAKKU board members cause I have no fucking clue what he has and hasn’t licensed. Honest mistake I’m sure, so we’ll let it slide.

About the fact that HH was more than just me… yeah, obviously. Who’s denying that? My team was the absolute best! But I hope you remember HH was a one man army once upon a time. When no one even knew its name. When it wasn’t on Google. I built it up from nothing. If you think I wasn’t instrumental in HH being what it is today, you’re kidding yourself.

If you’re genuinely interested in fixing this, and willing to give me a fair share, I’d be willing to listen. But written contracts all the way. I ain’t making the same mistake twice.


Of course, both of HH’s tweets have since been removed (by HH) because the good news is out:

What Now?

We still have a bunch of things to do, such as:

  • Sort out the legitimacy of the tweets.
  • Sort out HH’s timeline and history of problems (it was summarized succinctly enough by HH)
  • Sort out FAKKU’s timeline and history of problems.
  • Pay close attention to see what happens.
  • Update this page a lot, because this page was cobbled together really, really quick.
  • Turn this page into its own thing entirely. Right now I’m using my blog for this, but I plan on rewriting this page from scratch.

The Summary For People Who Skipped Through Everything Above This

HH and FAKKU are working things out. It’s no longer “FAKKU tricked me” and now “we are working to fix this”. Of course, this could change at any time, the legitimacy of everything is still being checked, and HH is on the brink of destruction (just shutting down) or salvation (becoming a legitimate streaming service with licenses provided by FAKKU.)

Thanks for showing interest in the og high-quality hentai-streaming service. Statistically speaking (from Google Search Console from the last HH post), out of 1,000 people who visit this post, zero actually navigate anywhere else on this site, which is great.

Sad boi hours aside, let’s sit back and hope that HH recovers.