This is a website that uses your phone's accelerometer data to incept an idea into the hypnagogic state.

This project was inspired by Dormio.

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What is Hypnagogia?

Hypnagogia is the threshold between consciousness and unconsciousness. You go through every time you fall asleep. (However, you don't go through it when you wake up. When you wake up you go through hypnopompia.)

In the hypnagogic state, you begin to dream before you fall asleep. These dreams are semi-lucid and are characterized by "phenomenological unpredictability, distorted perception of space and time, loss of sense of self, and spontaneous, fluid idea association" (Dormio).

In most cultures, hypnagogia is usually viewed in a bad light because a person in the hypnagogic state can enter sleep paralysis and begin hallucinating with their eyes wide open.

However, hypnagogia has been used for hundreds of years by people like Edison or Tesla to induce creativity. Edison would take naps with a steel ball in his hand so that when he lost consciousness and he dropped the ball the loud noise it made with the floor (or some saucers he put on the floor to catch the ball) would wake him up and he would write down everything he dreamt onto a notebook in front of him.

This website tries to nudge the user back into hypnagogia while incepting an idea into the hallucination using an audio cue. It uses muscle tension like the steel ball trick, but doesn't kick the user back into total alertness and has the added bonus of being able to incept an idea.

Unfortunately, this technology cannot be used for evil mind control and doesn't make you Leonardo DiCaprio. Also, this please keep in mind that there is a big difference between the lucid dreaming that can occur hours into sleep and this hypnagogia that occurs minutes after going to bed.

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