Valentine’s Day is Boring

I woke up today at 7 am. It was a rainy day; and on top of that, the streetlights at the intersection at the front of school were broken, again.

The backlog of traffic stretched so far as to affect the freeway.

After entering first period I was instantly reminded it was Valentine’s Day.

Annoyingly bright red paper cards were splayed out on the desks with messages that sounded like a plea for consent or something you’d say to a jumper on the Golden Gate bridge. However, mine looked like this:

After a couple of classes had passed, I decided that the rain had silenced Valentine’s day and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace because there would not be a considerable increase of dickish couples taking up too much personal space in large public areas.

~ Intermission ~

I now bring you this intermission with teacher’s responses to random questions.

“Dragon Ball is bloodshed. It is violent. It is evil.” – A teacher commenting on Dragon Ball.

“Pokemon is too childish.” – A teacher commenting on Pokemon.

“What is that?” – A teacher commenting on My Hero Academia.

“That is unrelated to this class” – A teacher commenting on transgender students

That’s all for this intermission. I’ll find more stuff to do like this for future posts.

The rest of Valentines passed without anything else happening. The most excitement was at the hallway intersections because people were trying to open and close their umbrellas.

After some other lonely people stared at me as I popped a couple Kiss chocolates into my mouth (which they then saw was from my Lunchable and immediately reaccepted me nonverbally with their eye contact), I was on my way home.

The rain dimmed down into an obnoxious mist-thing where an umbrella doesn’t do much and the water gradually dampens all of your clothing.

After getting home, I stole a couple chocolates from my brother’s bag before they got checked and now I’m typing this at my computer with a yellow Starburst in my mouth because there weren’t actually any chocolates in what I stole.

However, I got to see some wonderful things in the wrappers of the candies I stole, such as “Make them Melt” and “It was My Pleasure“. If that’s really some elementary schooler candy, then I just want to know what’s on the wrappers of high school candy.