Web Serials Revised

Two years ago I wrote some (cringe) web serials.
Here is a link to an archived version of that page. It gives a good idea of what everything looked like before I stopped writing at the beginning of 2018 and completely redid Enchoseon.

Welcome back, readers, to the very, very, very early roots of this site. I’ll be proofreading and reuploading all of my work over the course of a few [insert arbitrary number here]. To be completely honest, I have not touched these stories in a long time and there’s a lot to go through. No new stories will be made yet, I’ll just work on re-uploading all of my stuff.

Main Web Serials

~Project 11~
The first web serial to ever go on Enchoseon.

Chapter 1

~Super Amazing Journey in this Fantastical World!~
My exploration into the LitRPG genre

A mundane story.


~A Murder and 52 Cents~

~The Last Day of April~


Discontinued Web Serials

~Club Penguin Fanfiction~
What started out as a joke actually became a thing. I never proofread it, nor do I plan on. No surprise it was discontinued.