Week 2 of Quarantine

It is Week 2 of quarantine, and I have come to understand the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Sitting in my room, staring at the unpainted walls—I have realized that everything around me contains an aura of energy.

I have discovered the power to levitate and read minds, and can even balance my entire body on the tip of my erect penis.

Human language and vocabulary means nothing. There is only diffusion of particles. Gravity and emergence is an illusion.

On a subatomic level, we are made of nothing but up and down quarks, and the only defining property of these quarks are numbers.



Space = 3

Reality = Math

M = 0

I have achieved inner peace, and have learned to obtain these powers and immense knowledge through the power of our commerce-run society.

Which is why there is now Enchoseon.com merchandise!

Check out this shirt, it’s a shirt!:

Or this cup, it’s a cup!:

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Have a great April Fools! (in quarantine)