Super Fantastical 6: Nook Incorporated Antimemetics Division Report.

 A report as memetic as time.

Nook Inc. Antimemetics Division Report: Lunartide

This report is classified & accessible only to the Nook Inc. Antimemetics Division & Lunartide island staffers.

The island of "Lunartide" houses a small community of Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package members consisting of 2 humans, 1 deer, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, 1 hamster, 1 cub, 1 sheep, 1 cat, 1 penguin, 1 squirrel, and 1 wolf--Not counting island staffers Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy, or Tommy.


All residents, except for island staffers & the two humans residents, have been infected by a memetic virus that spreads through an unknown vector.

Infected obtain a shared verbal tick of "malarkey", which they use as a "catchphrase" that they involuntarily append to the end of their sentences.

Upon questioning, the two humans stated that they originally asked a previous resident to use the phrase, "lol" as a catchphrase, which had a memetic effect that they stopped by exiling the original resident (Patient Zero) & telling the infected to use his original catchphrase, "malarkey".

This new "malarkey" catchphrase also had a memetic effect, infecting everyone--except island staffers & the two humans--within a few months.

Nook Inc. agents were able to track down Patient Zero, but she was unable to recall ever living at Lunartide & did not recognize any Lunartide residents. One of the humans stated that Patient Zero, upon meeting them again while on vacation, proceeded to introduce themselves using the exact same lines they had used to introduce themselves on their first introduction.

Other past residents of Lunartide show the same symptoms. This antimemetic effect appears to only apply to island residents. Visitors entering & leaving the island, such as frequent visitors K.K., Daisy Mae, Flick, C.J., etc. retain their memory of having visited the island.

The antimemetic effect takes place as soon as no Lunartide residents are on same the island as the exiled resident.

1 human resident was able to find the same exiled Lunartide resident multiple times while on vacation, with each meeting beginning with a verbatim recitation of their previous meeting.

The antimemetic effect of being exiled from Lunartide appears to exist separately from the memetic effect of the catchphrase.

After permanently placed Nook Inc. agents on the island annoyed the 2 human residents with excessive questioning, they received letters in the mail declaring that they had been exiled from the island. The agents then began packing up their belongings & left the island 48 hours later, experiencing the same antimemetic effects of other Lunartide residents.

It is unknown why the agents left the island despite knowing the possible antimemetic effects of doing so. It is possible that being exiled from the island anomalously compelled the agents to leave the island.

All official logs of agent activity have been lost, save for Dodo Airlines entry & exit dates along with the aforementioned mail, which was found in a trash bin in front of the Mueseum & led to the discovery of the existence of the agents after the antimemetic effect of leaving Lunartide wiped them from Nook Inc. records & all employee memory.

Recovery teams were able to find the agents camping on a small island believing that they were on a "Mystery Island Tour" vacation offered by Dodo Airlines. Dodo Airlines has no such program, and no records of the phrase exist except in a small notepad in the desk of a Dodo Airlines pilot in Lunartide.


All further agent deployments to Lunartide are suspended unless granted permission by Tom Nook considering the various antimemetic & memetic threats that Lunartide poses.

Extraction efforts for Nook Inc. island staff are underway.

Further recovery efforts are also underway to find any evidence of other past Nook Inc. research into Lunartide that may have been wiped out in separate antimemetic attacks.

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